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By Elizabeth Rose.

It was no longer the same from this angle. His face felt new, distorted and distended. The hours of utter confusion had passed, and the stinging sensation was lessening though his skin still felt ravaged. But he couldn’t resist the pull as the gaping mouth came towards him, couldn’t help but want it. He felt a part of her now.

Dan had been to the club several times, wearing his uniform: jeans and a tight black T-shirt, cool enough to not look vain but fitted enough to emanate sex. All polished off with carefully groomed hair and an “I’ll respect you in the morning” smile below fuck me eyes.

He manoeuvred past the doorstaff and along the bar, preying on the gap that could afford him the quickest scotch with ice.

“Usual, please”

He always felt his instincts at their most prominent when he hunted here. He drained the glass, the best way to start the night.  


His eyes flickered, speed reading the parade of girls. He inhaled the scent of perfumed fresh meat, and could almost taste it.


Mark had created the club from nothing. He was sick of going to cheap venues with sticky floors and dripping ceilings, to buy overpriced and watery drinks. He wanted some class, and felt he deserved it. The building had been stagnant for a while, begging for a revival. Despite being both rich and reasonably handsome, girls just didn’t find him fuckable. The idea was sewn after yet another unsuccessful attempt to bed a mediocre girl; the club was built in a day.

It hadn’t taken much to arrange; he had the money. Everything was bought in cash. A few recommendations in the right ears induced a fabulously secret advertising ploy, and they came flocking. Intelligent girls, beautiful too, who wanted a simple fuck. No ties, no strings, just sex. A simple twist; only the girls could choose.

Mark was hailed as some modern sexual revolution guru, adored for creating a safe environment for women. No one seemed to mind that it was invitation only, full length photo required. This nudged the women’s egos, though why it was needed, he would never know! He had never imagined so much beauty could exist in one place. And all men had to do was sit and wait, virtually guaranteed a fuck, without having to do a thing. All he had to do now was exist.  “I am a fucking genius!” was his daily mantra.


Dan had been nonchalant when he first received his invite from Mark. He had never had a problem with the ladies. He could afford to be arrogant. What he could not be, however, was left out. A club built in a day and the majority of the world oblivious to it!

The opening night did not disappoint. Dan had merely sat looking casual and within an hour he had been approached by a tall blonde with fantastic legs and a bright red lipstick smile. A future lawyer, no less, and as club rules stated, he could not say no. All he had to do was nod in the right places and her ass was his, given on a plate. “You are a genius” he had winked at Mark as he was led hand-in-hand out of the door.

The sex had been amazing, and unruined by small talk. They paid half each for the room and she exploded straight away. She removed her clothes in seven sexy moves, danced to perfection. “She must have masturbated after practising that!” he later bragged to Mark. She had dominated the whole show. She had pushed herself upon him, writhing and groaning with delight. He could taste her even now, and could feel the irresistible urge to keep having her.

It had lasted all night but with no awkward goodbyes. No “call me” or pretence of swapping numbers. They simply thanked each other, and she left. Her head held high and his dick throbbing.


Dan was addicted. He could not keep away. He had doctors, models, and a biologist, in hotel rooms, cars, on a seat in the corner even! He had heard about the dangerous combination of women being intelligent and sexy, and now he revelled in it.  Each had their own style, their own class, and each wanted to bury into him, and wear him for a night, with no ties involved. Each was as fantastic as the last. His sex life had never been so good. But she changed all that.

Dan had spotted her from across the room.  Her hair was long, dark and straight, reflecting the subtle lights from the dance floor. She wore a black satin dress that covered her whole body. Not what he would usually find enticing but this was sexy. Her hair swung aside for a brief moment to reveal it clung to every part of her, from her slender neck, along the length of her arms, past her perfect derriere to gently toned calves. Images of handcuffs and choking her flashed through him and he felt himself harden. He was almost begging for her to come over, almost ready to break the rules and go over there himself.

Mark slapped him on the shoulder. “Tell me I’m not a fucking genius!”

Dan was bored of this. But it didn’t hurt standing next to the revolutionary sex guru. He couldn’t stop his eyes from wandering to the swaddled beauty, couldn’t stop being hard. Mark poked his erection. “I see you’re interested.”  All the energy went out of his dick and into not hitting him.

“Not now” he grunted, shoving him slightly. Mark’s drink tumbled and smashed. He laughed, motioning for someone to clear up the bar. As he wandered away still laughing, his unruly curls marked the pace of his stride. To Dan’s annoyance, she had gone.


Dan relaxed on the leather chair, enjoying the warmth of his scotch. He loved to think of himself as a sexual fiend, but since spotting the mystery girl he now had a focus. It was this need that scoured the room. It was this need that slouched in the chair so he was not chosen by another. Just in case.

He hoped Mark would stop by tonight. Mark had been enjoying the highs of his newly gotten fame too much, and Dan would feel no remorse at leaving him in a puddle of his own puke. “Should have had a bit more self control” he would say as he stepped over his form.  But maybe he could tell him more about her?

Dan bolted upright as he spotted her. She floated in the far corner, a drink in hand. This time the dress was white, and he could see her face, though not clearly in the dim light. He could see it enough to know it did not disappoint. She looked almost angelic, shrouded in white. He liked the look, and the fact that she knew she wore it well. He ordered another drink and turned to pay.

The girl moved across the room, with the air of a ghost. The satin clung tighter still, as though assisting her grace. He could see she wasn’t wearing a bra. He wanted to suck on those breasts, take them whole into his mouth. She reached the dance floor, silken arms lifted and head thrown back. As she swayed her hips groaned in time to the music. Her hair flew in sharp angles in all directions. She danced like she was fucking the whole room.

Dan stared, uninhibited, and thought about masturbating. He was hard and he didn’t care. They all knew what they were there for. He wanted her to know what he wanted. The music speeded up a notch and it shook her from her revelry. She turned in his direction. The strobe lights flickered on and Dan gasped, smashing his glass to the ground. Her body lit up in a dazzle of colour, just for an instant until she was out of the glare. Her eyes moved to the sound, and she headed straight for it.


Her dark fringe and naturally bronzed skin framed deep, almond eyes and her parted mouth whispered gently into his ear. “You can only have me once.” Dan nodded. He felt the gentle touch of her fingers against his dick, and shuddered with pleasure. He thought of all those times he had been forced to lie, promising it would be more than a one night stand! There was no need to lie in a place like this where people touched your cock before telling you their name. For once, he actually wanted to know it. “Irezumi” she replied, smiling. He imagined that smile wrapped around his dick.


Her room was bare, neat and simplistic. The white walls were naked, and the table and sofa lacked any ornamentation other than a pale orchid. Everything was neatly attired in white cotton, and he couldn’t help thinking it was far too bland. He liked a bit of grandeur. Dan was slightly unnerved by Irezumi´s apparent disregard for danger; he had never known a girl use her own apartment before. The intrigue coursed through him. She poured a single scotch, took a drink and then released it into his mouth. He was harder than ever.

She kissed him more intently, searching out his tongue, his teeth. He was in the bedroom before he had time to realise he was moving, his hunger so vast. He ran his hands over her silken form, delighted with its softness. He sought her neck with his teeth and her breasts with his hands, imagining the deliciousness of the nipples in his mouth. She removed his clothes fluidly without a break in contact, lowering them both onto the bed. She sat up, straddled across his hard naked form and looked into his eyes deeply.  Then she revealed her tongue.


Dan was pulsating and he could see how much she loved it. Her eyes did not waver as the orchid slid out of her mouth, licking the air in a fabulous taunt. He had to know more, grasped the satin dress and ripped it open to the tune of her groan. Only her breasts were bare. Her body was a living landscape. He had never seen anything like it.  “Show me” he ordered.

She stood over him, and turned away. Her neck and shoulders were engulfed in a riot of flames, carefully created from thick black lines that breathed with her. Rugged mountains adorned her velvet back, with flora and fauna exploding along bones and flesh, as though searching out her every crevice. Over her buttocks, exotic flowers bloomed, weeping petals into the oceans that swirled the length of her legs. He traced a wave around her ankle, motioning for her to show him more, a passion seething within.

Her throat and chest were enriched with six mystical figures, protruding amongst clouds, watchful gods observing the commotion below. The largest rode a huge fish over an unmarked breast, accentuating its fullness and curve. A small bird flew towards her torso, towards the four enraptured male faces. The artistry created the shadows perfectly as though they were trapped in a moment of time. Her belly looked full and delicious, framed by their pure lust.

Her legs wore six daemonic creatures, which clawed their way up. Dan almost expected blood. He wanted to be one of these. He wanted her hard and fast, wanted to create her pain.  She let his eyes drink her in, then lowered and let the orchid tattoo lick him gently. He was certain he could feel the petals.


He loved the sensation, but had to know how she tasted. He pulled her round, not wanting to miss a second of the pleasure, and pulled her down over him, her rhythm unshaken. He saw with unbearable delight that her clitoris was tattooed black. The idea of her pain devoured him and he sucked and chewed and licked and she responded the same until he was desperate to come.

Dan pushed her off him, fighting his way along the ocean, around her anus, up her spine. He nipped her black clitoris the whole time and her long straight hair grew wild with abandon. He held a fistful and entered from behind, thrusting hard immediately. She received him with such joy, he felt almost cheated. Though welcoming, she was tight, squeezing his penis hard and arousing a furious desire in him that seemed engulfed by her. He pounded her over and over, the flames that licked across her shoulders firing him on.

She moaned in echoes that shuddered through her as she came alive. Dan could not prevent pushing her farther and harder, and she devoured every move. She flipped herself over, her breasts and belly swelling as she curved her back, lifting herself up onto his knees and onto his cock. He held her hips tight, his thumb on an angry eye. He could feel how deep he was now. Knew it must hurt slightly. He fucked her harder than he had ever had the bravery to do before and the whole time she gripped his thigh, eyes half closed in a reverie.


They lay in thin films of sweat.  Dan traced the faces on her body. He pulled down her lip and sought out her tongue, still hoping to taste the ink. Her silence was enormous. “Tell me” he requested, more gentle now in his exhaustion. She shrugged.

“I am Ainu. My culture requires women to be tattooed before they marry. It proves their strength for childbirth. If married before being tattooed, the gods will show their wrath at the weakness.”

Dan frowned; the tradition seemed too ancient for his ears.

“It starts when a girl turns into a woman. She is meant to adorn her body like her goddess so that evil spirits are frightened away. Although it was outlawed in 1871, my family wanted me to have the traditional lip tattoo. I was young and vain and didn’t want a permanent smile. I refused, so I am disgraced.”

“So you over compensate now?”  Dan had never felt intrigue of this kind. He felt almost angry. How could this woman go to a club like that, expecting sex with no ties? I will have her, he thought.

“Something like that” she replied, with a smile. “I disgraced myself in front of the six heavens, and have now opened up the six hells. I must cleanse myself completely before I marry and have children, or tradition says I will die in the act.”

Dan pondered her naivety for a moment. He fought the urge to comment. It might spoil his chances later, and nothing should come in the way of a fuck that good. They lay there silent, wrapped in the comfort of throbbing loins and the scent of sex.


Dan awoke, with a raging hard-on. He followed her undulating breath to gaze upon her face. He moved her hair slightly, to see if it would make her less beautiful. Across her forehead, a strange language was imprinted. He stroked it, as though this would help him read it. A desire burnt his insides and he had to have her. He kissed her neck, her ears, to rouse her.  She stirred, and his desire grew. He traced along the centre of her body, stopping at her vagina, and began to explore. She responded immediately, though she remained gently asleep.

Dan felt his tongue deep inside her, her body adoring his intrusion, lubricating the way. She shuddered pleasurably and he could not wait any longer. He entered her more gently this time, but only because of his own tenderness. He enjoyed the warmth, desired its promise. The shuddering increased with his powerful movements, and he held her tightly, revelling in her pleasure. He felt wet on his shoulder.

She awakened, and took over. She rose astride him and glided up and down on him. Dan felt a difference in her now. Her movements were powerful and he could see a tear on her face. He felt he should comfort her, but she would not let him. Her powerful moves mirrored his, and his pleasure was immeasurable.  He groaned in delightful soreness, understanding for a moment her joy in pain. He wanted it to go on for ever but the fire was spilling over him and he exploded for a second time.


Through the pleasure came an inexplicable pain. Dan was in agony. His whole skin burned like branded flesh. He was certain that was the acrid smell that tainted his nostrils. He was temporarily blinded by the agony, and his scream was silent. He lost consciousness over and over again, and each time he roused, the pain lessened slightly and his eyes began to seek their way through the mist. 

Dan was certain he was in the same bare room. The table and the orchid were in view, and although their position was the same, something had changed. They seemed magnified. He tried to look around but could not move. He could not blink to remove the haze. What had she done? The words floated through his mind in terror. Suddenly, everything was in motion. The table and orchid disappeared and various items flashed by; the white walls, the front door, the bed. It was still dishevelled from their passion.

Suddenly, she was there. She pinned her hair up onto her head, smiling deeply. Dan watched her admiringly, forgetting his pain. Her bare body glowed from the rush of their sex, and he felt the urge to have her again. Her breasts lifted slightly as she added another pin.  They looked even more fabulous than before, and he noticed with a dull ache that one of them was no longer bare.

She leaned closer to the mirror, adjusting her fringe to hide her forehead. As she moved, Dan felt a surge of pleasure. He watched the mirror come closer and closer, and with it the reflection of his face; pigmented upon her breast, his expression suspended in his moment of ecstasy. “You truly are a fucking genius, Mark” thought Dan. Below him the flurry of painted curls only half hid the pleasure of Mark’s imprinted face.

“I warned you could only have me once” Irezumi half smiled to the reflection of the frozen ink face. She kissed her finger, and then touched it to her breast. Dan could not make a sound, but the sensation of longing echoed around the full green dress that she enveloped around her body. Irezumi picked up the telephone and dialled, controlled.

“Darling, we’re nearly there” she oozed to the receiver “only one more hell to close. We can make the arrangements after tonight”.

Mark heard the receiver click, and the door slam. He followed her muffled footsteps bathed in green.


Irezumi waited for the music to quicken. When the moment arrived, she ceased her dance and walked slowly. She felt the flash radiate her and heard the familiar smash of glass. She headed towards it, for the final time.


Elizabeth Murray is an English born editorial assistant, writer and artist living in the heart of Andalucia, Southern Spain.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Thursday, July 26th, 2007.