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What is the style prevalent in our on age classical & other poems

By Jared Joseph.


terse my termination ceremonies
tongue, a signature I’ve done
they’ve invited that, limpid stomach
Mister try, define my wet hair dog
i’ve without crushed limping

path unto ourselves, congealed eats him
tremble wet dog blue private shot beets
me i touch giraffes. hanging from the margins me
defiling now they’re animal. They’re weird in
they have made of me a pardon
up the valley quotes the life rising
unquote mercy
is an ecstasy in fat
fucking oblate angel-smooth
all the hard on my little before is, un-hard he sources

he screens my head
before he knocks the ball, temple screams
the ash temples quote Tremble, then, to God wet dog End
Quote abrades you in the manner of
mirror in the face or, oaring hole
portmanteau a whole psychology
some prostitutions thought i was
thought me into being
a hot new parted lily futures

parted flower i am love with problems
& preserves, ash straight path, book the crimps
best day arrives a quote, like a sea
Quester, day horrible, house difficult, quothed the bask horrible repeating
repose the bed will not be horrible
on the contrary, corrugated ante is my runoff
horrible ante that man is
that man is shoulders
shoulders cripping crooning
accruing plays my football playing past
that man’s shoulders
past lion

When i was ugly when
wasn’t i? wasn’t i, A dire god
damned sense budding over
Fanta drinks
into me perfect

like one syllable pa’
no one not alone enough candela
seriously quote you are a better player
than i ever thought i was un
quote beautiful
loin like this cut of
book in states contrary

expresses a sincerity more complex before the feat of its
very irony encompassing, destroying every correct
left-body, lacunae, t-cell molecules a spit of atom ruining brain
ruining brain
ruining brain
& tic i spit

i hit a globe it was an
i declare autopsy on the table i am naked on
the table can’t believe this naked
my vary phloe
m this very furred pa’ beau
I remember portmanteau of Beau his blue eyes everyone Spoke
hushed how much they hated him they fucked him on the floe
husk of bugs
morning frost that hate of color
was his eyes’ colore
& make a lunch

i remember days days hunger
days after i forgot how much i hunger
him because i didn’t care, my glands were sponsored
posed around the hut
natural in a way hut buried
strata for the archers
who spit like aches

i have felt nothing, & i remember fucking it.
i am working time toward feeling a Chinese paper moon
when i poled the moon
pulled in boat & water
quote He looked up in the sky through tiny crack the day green foliage
And he was overcome with wondrous
mosses end quote
moss-roses in the loosen gar

How can I successfully

Absolute the purposeless body

This very furred beau

These – was the water-lily flower

A strum across a flower

Don’t shake

The body on hisher beauty

& the bodice on ours, others, pressed

Brief care awhile, a little further again others pressed

All that is wife

All that is infinite – in the passing hour, it seemed

Long & useless elegant gloves

& weren’t all

These careful interests & conditions just eva


sions of a greater truth, my cunt?

We’re washing my hair to gain



OF YOU i am

buleria mia

At the corner in wisconsin

The shout gripes some

With flu you shot out

Streak was in love

In love with i was talking

Love about reading

On the phone this morning noise

i survived absolute, purposeless tonight

A beautician somehow


The purity of my Dasani Water

is yellow moon crime flower.

My Christ side burns

The ashes turn to wine

& the miracle without parallel gets thirsty.

The drink I can’t provide

Dies in my bladder I go to the grocery

Store & stare down a list like a Koran.

I wrote injunctions that

Die here on the bin of currants.

Make a necklace made of whalebone.

Smooth paper folds with my collar bone.

Tear the new sheets with sharp elbow

I eat nothing but angels

But birthday guards the warehouse

At 8 o clock the legs jealously bend

The whole cohesive discovers its part

It esteems itself in saunas

Under yellow crime

Under the basement chambers under the wind

There is a wind in basements

The moon shivs it with

Recite the end

I yawn my mighty hymen snaps.

The blood is rinse of currants.

The past jealously guards the ware

It is half -house, half worn madness the way

It is grey father in the bed

It’s the Book smoothing red

Gay hurt berries & emission

There is no windshield.

There is no protectorate

There is no perforate

There is no triumvirate

Me the dog.

My profile is a dog

My hind legs are dogs

My bark is fractured dogs

I am added up dog components

Welcome to hell

I guard the gate against

There is no windshield.


All angel dog gifs go to

heaven’s dynamite parties

made of blooms, blown apart sacred

ravishing monsters : that word has been prostituted

but love rehearses my identity

called eternity. Called it a drop

system like the beautiful

inspired by gods’ eyes’

gazes causing falls & burning froth

& moths on the ferns

the way all angel dog gifs go to heaven a gif from god.

Heat is hard, inaccessible to reason, reason not snipped

Like a hat uncircumcised.

Adults snipe the crayons off of children

& god He so incredulous. He damn them

rehearsing eternity

But they say

I am made of rain


angels, & all the sea commanded all the seeing
mortality causes turning unto God

makes brilliant changes, God favorable, He apprehend this
is for the text that do careen towards the makeles
God atop those [1st. Ed.] on the day of underwear
without telling much about them love

roundly fascinated like a nation
The deity of the book (The Pent Up
touch truth, to decide among the men’s asses foam the
well, the men don’t pussy to dispute more than they
the evident surges women threw the
guide to men relieving hazes smile for the
to be an object of dispute within permission of the truth

without heaving : thought sensed the book appended
eeded you. Felt them up now well, the dis faces &
were lacy sockets : the adversity until the hasty
& those believing in him had exxclaimed : When
They ash you : They ask you how it’s necessary

Is he not caring the ox of circling boustrophedonic
them bend & break, your Ma
there’s a manola, lovely Morello smells but with the
Which kind. The apple’s whole cohesive knows its
part with the taste of hit to better known be by God, my

& yet you rake & in aversion to yourself
upon which gives a vantage. Do you like dancing do you
but you don’t know damages

Lope the sacred moth, stamped war nto this mouth Tell
a grave : peeking, part yourself from God’s send & relieve
jumbled, high-jumping expulsion from his rectum to
*The temptation of idolatry is worse than
your ripped shoulders are operas

the ether, a son, those men destined to the FIRE
the women, they all on your Brothers. Good knows to
& that the which does good. He’ll offbeat you if He
surge the better good

women til they don’t relieve. A believing slave’s
doll atria women even when you like her oven. Don’t
A blowing slave values more than
capitalismo though you hate him more
to the mad floor, proverbially free, so the tread it
self houses Shut.

Jared Joseph is a pony-drawn carriage.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Thursday, September 5th, 2013.