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Pipedown & others poems

By Jonathan Catherall.


pirou e tech ne w hooping
nique ta mo vehe ment
      do re io fa c
eva a simile h air trig e
lectric e de soi e ver t ige r
lili th at sings at unlunged pitch
forward a line ear
lines s par e s se n s e liding
over lay e r e m ret emb e r a ce point
la ou e l s e s t u e s c a la d in de r vi sh iv


spit combines and coats it it
emerges from tthroat
bolus      bits      lready detachng
cmprss&      gorge on
fat vowels      inching recogn and forward
                     prstlss tuck in jest
how it re cul pour
subject torelent lss linearity pls [pulse] brk stet pckgs nformtn
prls n whrlpl      from this      point    on we are no     longer
consciously controlling it is sm frm r thr
mr thn nthing gggng gll ll lggg f lngg      of a muchness
reaching its muscle wrap around the
                lg mn t r                hiatus
perceive that tied into      contract n


rriving    to    ygones       to       a       b       abbre
dapt    urther       to    ain    to oss       join    t
eeling       o’       cloc    k    ollowin    g    or    aralle    l
ours    e    orrectio    n    erigh    t    nesel    f
           ere    ell    or    ose    in    arkness
      &      stem      itch     to
sages      isshapen      filment
rieve    the    ever    to    ouch      illness & ill      spire
to      astness      &      apture

Jonathan Catherall has reviewed for The Literateur and The Wolf, and is researching a PhD at Birkbeck on Caroline Bergvall and Maggie O’Sullivan. He works in the charity and cultural sector.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Wednesday, January 25th, 2017.