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disposable art history

By Jonathan Mann.

disposable art history

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Ying returned yin
the imported City Raphael always featured super-realist
Vechten were Expressionists
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In New painter Marsden well considered Motherwell
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art is Holland

Jonathan Mann is a researcher, editor, curator, and practitioner of modernist/contemporary poetry. He wrote his PhD thesis on the modernist poetry of Anthony Burgess. A Senior Academic Tutor at the University of East London, he is also a researcher of adult literacies/academic writing in Higher Education. He has shared research and practise at conferences, festivals and events in the UK, South Africa, Malaysia, France, Sweden and Mexico. He has recently collaborated with Wayne Clements on a series of machine-produced poems with music. He increasingly writes poetry using Excel, but sometimes uses a pen. Jonathan is preparing The Collected Poetry of Anthony Burgess for publication by Carcanet in 2018. He is the promoter/curator of the Capital Letters live poetry reading series in east London, which seeks to promote collaboration and dialogue between emerging and established experimental poets from the UK and beyond.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Wednesday, August 30th, 2017.