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Joseph Schreiber to join 3:AM’s editorial team

Locks by JM Schreiber

It gives me great pleasure to welcome Joseph Schreiber to the editorial team. Joseph is a writer, critic and editor from Calgary, Canada, and joins with editorial experience at The Scofield and the now-defunct Numéro Cinq. He will work closely with co-editor-in-chief Tristan Foster on review and nonfiction submissions.

Joseph maintains a literary blog called roughghosts, and his reviews and essays have been published in a variety of publications including Minor Literature[s], The Quarterly Conversation and RIC Journal. His interests include literature in translation; postmodern, innovative and experimental literature—including work in the digital humanities—and unconventional approaches to LGBTQ themes.

Before submitting and pitching, please check 3:AM’s submission guidelines and the Contacts page if contacting a specific editor.

First posted: Wednesday, November 1st, 2017.

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