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Issue Three of The Kakofonie – the video issue – is now on-line and features work from Gerard Carson, Richard Mosse, Lauren Moffatt, Anna Niedhart, Gabi Schaffner, Pauline Carnier Jardin, Siouxzi Mernagh, Matthew MacKisack and Kerstin Cmelka. From editor John Holten‘s Apocrypha of a Kakofonie:

Self Perception/External Perception

We see ourselves when other people see us. Sartre bends down and puts his unblinking, ruined eye next to the keyhole and looks on with his breath held. Watching. Behind him on the non-creaking stairs another, the Other, creeps up and watches the philosophe watching and being arises on the dark stairwell like rubbish left on the streets after the carnival.

First posted: Tuesday, February 15th, 2011.

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