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Michael Chabon

By Justin Dobbs.

the bus only takes me where michael chabon wants to go

although no one knows the title to his latest poem

not even the bus driver

the coffee made me happy at first

but then i sat back and i said fuck

and tao lin writes to tell me that

michael chabon has put him on his shit-list

some people say that michael chabon is a gangster

or a hustler, a hoodlum

that he deals opium out of a suitcase

it is rumored that i am fucked

that i sleep under bridges

and get arrested by policemen

for shit-talking michael chabon

in the university elevator

sometimes i only go to the university bookstore

to find matthew simmons

and ask him if he, too, has been

blackballed by the gangster, michael chabon

but at these times he is very quiet

and carefully points out the window

where a homeless man lies on the sidewalk

and maybe he is dead


Justin Dobbs lives in Seattle. He has work in Lamination Colony.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Friday, February 15th, 2008.