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Murdoch, Myspace and the Murder Mile


Jean Hannah Edelstein talks to 3:AM co-editor Adelle Stripe and columnists Ben Myers and Tony O’Neill (aka ‘The Brutalists’) about disillusionment with contemporary authors and Web 2.0 as literature’s saving grace at SUSO:

In the two years since they set up their literary shingle, the movement has expanded both in terms of output and followers. “We chose the word ‘Brutalism’ to present a united front against the more conservatively-minded writing establishment,” Myers says. O’Neill is even more blunt: “I felt totally disenfranchised from literature, and I had the feeling that a lot of other people probably did too. If we didn’t give it a name, and make an attempt to push this kind of writing collectively, nobody would have done it for us.”

First posted: Friday, December 12th, 2008.

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