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New Ruins


Owen Hatherley, author of A Guide to the New Ruins of Great Britain (3:AM Non-Fiction Book of the Year 2010) will talk about urbanism in the Blair/Brown era and “the attempt at achieving social democratic goals using quasi-Thatcherite means” at the Urban Salon:

Public building increased, but tied to PFI and PPP; much housing was built, but in a radically circumscribed and architecturally dubious manner. The curious neoliberal dirigisme of New Labour, its fetish for the grand scheme, meant that the crash left several pet projects – Pathfinder housing ‘renewal’, inner city retail schemes – unfinished or cancelled, leaving huge swathes of dereliction across British cities. In a context where even these measures are considered overly profligate, ‘statist’ and left-wing by the coalition government, is there anything to be salvaged from New Labour urbanism?

Urban Salon,
Monday 28 February, 6 pm,
G07 Exhibition Room,
Pearson Building,

First posted: Saturday, February 26th, 2011.

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