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Worm & other poems

By Nisha Bhakoo.


Pillow error. Pound dog shame. Rub to chowder.
Blanket Game. Last stop blackness. Esc key down.
Screenshot jackpot. Light thumbed bait. Moneyshot unpaid.
Tinny. Virus. Sipping sickness. The boredom trail.

Cut to:
Curly biscuit. Webcam stray. Barbaric lessons.
Knuckles. Elbows. Lip. Shoulders.
Ear lobes. Tonsils. Leg. Backbone.
Nostrils. Anus. Wrists. Ribcage.
Vein. Kidneys. Chin. Heel.
Breasts. Vulva. Shin. Pelvis. Toe.
Lungs. Hip. Tongue. Eyeballs.
Ankle. Bladder. Knees. Knees
Knees. Knees. Knees. Knees. Kness.
Knees. Knees. Knees. Knees. Knees.
Knees. Knees. Knees. Knees. Knees.


Shudder ping can plant a thought
A multiplying worm
A thought kept in a plant pot
Grow to green, savage soil
Five years on: a pothead
Blue nails in life     or life
Shudder ping can take a life
Scavenge soil in show of life
Plant a thought in a worm
A multiplying pothead
Blue nails will scavenge soil
Life can grow to take a life
Shudder ping can grow to green
Five years on: life can grow
Plant a thought in savage soil
Shudder ping can: five years on
Blue nails in a worm
Pot head can scavenge soil
Plant a thought, take a life
Grow to green, life     or life


I give up my intestines and liver and stomach. I give up my blood. I give up bread and milk. I give up paracetamol. I give up toilet roll, belts, mulled wine, bus tickets, my hands. I give up each finger, each toe, each pore, each pit, each crease. I give up holidays. I give up painting my nails. I give up my nails. I give up my nail clippings. I give up looking at the sad colour of my urine in the toilet bowl. I give up smelling my armpits. I give up crossword puzzles. I give up a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, I

I-I-I give up my bank balance. I give up padded bras. I give up my bus seat. I give up my books. I give up my clock. I give up my sweat glands. I give up my sins. I give up my balance. I give up my bank balance. I give up patience. I give up footsteps. I give up my shoes. I give up my socks. I give up the known and the unknown. I give up shadows. I give up telephones. I give up each day of the week. I give up table manners. I give up digestion. I give up giving up. I give up television. I give up hot drinks. I give up drinking. I give up thirst.


Nisha Bhakoo is a writer, living in Berlin. Her work has appeared in Poems in Which, Ink, Sweat & Tears, The Cadaverine, Morphrog 11 and Haverthorn, and she has had poems published in anthologies by Mud Press and the Emma Press.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Thursday, March 10th, 2016.