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Novelistic Form: Burroughs


Daniel Older: Your books, since The Ticket That Exploded especially, are no longer ‘novels’; a breaking up of novelistic form is noticeable in the Naked Lunch. Towards what end or goal is this break-up heading?

William Burroughs: That’s very difficult to say. I think that the novelistic form is probably outmoded and that we may look forward perhaps to a future in which people do not read at all or read only illustrated books and magazines or some abbreviated form of reading matter. To compete with television and photo magazines, writers will have to develop more precise techniques producing the same effect on the reader as a lurid action photo.

The Job: Interview with William Burroughs by Daniel Odier, Jonathan Cape 1970 [re-issue]

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First posted: Wednesday, August 18th, 2010.

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