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Oxford University Press Philosophy Festival

Blackwell’s Bookshop is delighted to host our annual Oxford University Press Philosophy Festival, which will be running from Thursday 16th November until Sunday 19th November. This year the festival includes a range of free events, featuring an evening to celebrate the publication of Clare Chambers latest publication ‘Against Marriage’, the insightful Very Short Introduction Speed-dating event and a whole weekend of talks and discussions.

On Sunday 19th November at 11:30pm, Richard Marshall will be discussing his new book ‘Ethics at 3am‘.
What do ethicists and moral philosophers really think about? What are the most pressing concerns in the discipline today? ‘Ethics at 3am‘ is a collection of interviews with a range of interesting and original thinkers in the field provides a snapshot of contemporary ethics in all its complexity and nuance.

Richard Marshall has worked in secondary school state education in the UK since 1983. He has been a Head of English a head teacher, and an educational consultant. He holds as PhD in Philosophy of Education from the University of London and has been a contributing editor for the cultural magazine 3ammagazine.com since 2001. He previously published ‘Philosophy at 3:AM: Questions and Answers with 25 Top Philosophers‘. He has interviewed over 300 philosophers for his ongoing series The End Times at 3ammagazine.com.
This event is free to attend, please register to confirm your attendance.

All talks on the weekend will be taking place in our Philosophy Department located in the Norrington Room, please note this area is only accessible via stairs.
For more information about the other events included in the festival please click on the links below. For all enquiries, please email here.
Thursday 16th November – Clare Chambers ‘Against Marriage’ Book Launch
Friday 17th November – Very Short Introduction Speed-Dating Evening
Saturday 18th November
11:30am – John Corvino ‘Religious Liberty and Discrimination’
1:30pm – Andrew Copson ‘Secularism – Politics, Religion, Freedom’
3:00pm – Leif Wenar ‘Blood Oil: Tyrants, Violence, and the Rules that Run the World’
Sunday 19th November
11:30am – Richard Marshall ‘Ethics at 3am’
1:30pm – Jonathan Birch ‘The Philosophy of Social Evolution’
3:00pm – Closing Event. David Edmonds ‘Philosophers take on the World’ with Jeff McMahan on Derek Parfit.

First posted: Sunday, November 5th, 2017.

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