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Buzzwords » Untypical Girl (published 21/10/2010)

[pic: Ian Dickson] This morning I heard it through the online grapevine that Ari Up (née Arianna Forster) had done a runner at the age of 48. News of her death, yesterday — following “a serious illness” — was posted on John Lydon’s website this morning (Lydon was her stepfather). Ari Up was the original […]

Buzzwords » Rot’n’Roll (published 19/01/2010)

A gig by Brigandage from 1986, including 3:AM contributor Richard Cabut on bass.

Buzzwords » 3:AM Reloaded (published 08/11/2009)

What you (may have) missed on 3:AM recently: Fiction: Excerpt; Agnómia by Róbert Gál Poetry: ‘Four Poems’ by Will Stone Interviewed: Susan Tomaselli talks to Tosh Berman, Richard Cabut meets Jah Wobble: To be invited to meet an ‘English eccentric’ these days is to experience a sinking feeling as some lame-o weaves into view. Too […]

Interviews » Some Kind of Noble Savage (published 03/11/2009)

4072713980_bb03c28b77‘None of those fuckers thought I had a book in me because they write the books,’ he says. ‘When I tell them that I’ve written a book, the response is: Oh – and the conversation is abruptly changed.

‘They like to believe that you are some kind of noble savage with some intuitive grasp of something. They always deny the fact that you’ve worked very hard. They never realised I could go and write a book…’

But a book Wobble most assuredly has written. One that is eccentric, bolshie and in your face. One that will, if you’re not careful, give you a right slap.

Richard Cabut interviews Jah Wobble.

Buzzwords » The Missing Links (published 19/09/2009)

Jean-Philippe Toussaint interviewed in Le Monde. His new book (La Vérité sur Marie) is reviewed in Libé. * The background to Lindsay Anderson‘s If….. * Steve Aylett is good for you (BBC World Service interview). * Twitterature. * In praise of depression. * The road to recovery for Edwyn Collins. * Welcome to Word Dissolution. […]

Buzzwords » 3:AM Asia: Akatombo (published 23/06/2009)

And now for a few words from Richard Cabut: The phrase ‘writing about music is like dancing about architecture’, variously attributed to Elvis Costello, Clara Schumann and BS Johnson, stands as a warning to people who might want to write things about records like this is the shit. But, fuck it; the brand new release […]

Buzzwords » 3:AM Reloaded (published 14/06/2009)

What you (may have) missed on 3:AM recently: Fiction: ‘Jet Set Desolate’ [excerpt] by Andrea Lambert & ‘Log’ by Paul Ewen Poetry: ‘Four Poems’ by Donald Gardner Reviewed: Max Dunbar on Bad Girls Go Everywhere: The Life of Helen Gurley Brown, Richard Cabut on Bob Short’s Filfth , Sophie Erskine on 8 Rooms: The Short […]

Reviews » Self-Prescribed Psychosis (published 12/06/2009)

bookcoverfrontEschewing tepid tales about his favourite bands, Bob accurately describes how life was really lived — and death really died — in extreme conditions of debauch and poverty underpinned by a sense of overwhelming stare-at-the-wall-drooling boredom, punctuated only by outbursts of violence and furore, usually fuelled by whatever substances came to hand — including poisonous mushrooms on one disastrous, yet amusingly depicted, occasion. It’s an underworld of alienation, loneliness, hopelessness and anger. Well, it was either that or get a job.

Richard Cabut reviews Bob Short‘s Filth.

Buzzwords » South of Watford (published 28/10/2008)

As YouTube goodness goes… Michael Moorcock interviews 3:AM‘s Richard Cabut (and Jon Savage) for an early 80s ITV music programme.

Buzzwords » Pucker up (published 05/05/2008)

The discovery of Stop Smiling‘s author interviews archive is a good excuse for 3:AM to mention Dan Fante. Speaking to him at end of last year, Dan talked about his father John Fante, author of Ask the Dust: “Most people in Hollywood know the name John Fante. Of course they haven’t read his stuff, they’ve […]