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Buzzwords » 3:AM Reloaded (published 16/08/2009)

“Criticising consumerism is what people do when they can’t quite stomach criticising capitalism.” What you (may have) missed on 3:AM recently: Fiction: ‘Black Holes’ by Eric Beeny Poetry: ‘Four Poems’ by Rob Plath Reviewed: Max Dunbar on Neal Lawson’s All Consuming, Jonathan Woods on Megan Abbott’s Bury Me Deep & (courtesy of 3:AM Brasil) Guy […]

Essays » This Could Be (published 13/08/2009)

sophRotterdam is one of the world’s largest and oldest ports, it is a working, modernist’s multicultural vision, threaded with canals, and criss-crossed by bridges that look like swans. It is Amsterdam minus tourists, with its heart bombed out by the Germans on May 14th, and still commemorated. Never forget the bombing raids that stripe and cross the city. Ever since 1940, the city’s been filling those gaps with glassy sleek, weirdly balanced, imaginative skyscrapers that defy Newton’s Law of Gravity. Some are very odd.

Sophie Parkin swaps De Hems in Soho for the real thing when she ups sticks to Rotterdam.

Buzzwords » The Missing Links (published 14/05/2009)

Ben Myers is waiting for the Great British Gypsy Novel. (See also Ben’s Label of love series and an interview with him here) * Félix Fénéon‘s Novels in Three Lines illustrated (via dogmatika). * An interview with Geoff Dyer. * Italo Calvino inspires a video game. * Belgium celebrates Tintin‘s 80th anniversary. * Stewart Home […]

Buzzwords » 3:AM Reloaded (published 09/03/2009)

What you (may have) missed on 3:AM last week: Poetry by Jake Severn Reviewed: Richard Marshall on Graham Bendel‘s A Nasty Piece of Work – “better than American Psycho” – and Andrew Stevens on Richard Milward‘s Ten Storey Love Song – “a tad laboured, not exactly perfect but pleasing all the same” Non-fiction: Gaby Bila-Günther […]

Essays » Sohoitis XIII: Soho is Changing, But Into What? (published 08/03/2009)

sophI can hardly bare to walk down that end of Dean Street now and look at where once the Colony’s green doorway reigned and you knew that a hidden treasure of an afternoon lurked inside, and that not even the promise of a sunny day could cajole you out from the magic of some lost hours of laughter. Ah well that’s gone. Things have to change… even the sign has been removed.

Sophie Parkin mourns the passing of Soho’s glory days and wonders how we will dream away our five o’ clock deadlines in the future.

Buzzwords » 3:AM Reloaded (published 21/02/2009)

What you (may have) missed on 3:AM this week: Fiction by Robb Todd, Nina Rapi and Alan McCormick & Jonny Voss Poetry by Zachari J. Popour Non-fiction: Andrew Stevens on Loop and Sophie Parkin‘s Sohoitis Reviewed: Max Dunbar on Moral Relativism and Susan Tomaselli on The Kissing Bug Interviewed: Sophie Erskine talks to Alice Notley […]

Essays » Sohoitis XII: Teenage Angst on the Riverbank (published )

sophI couldn’t live anywhere that wasn’t near a river. I have a need to see the tug and flow of the river every day, of course I don’t need to but I want to. It fufills a longing in me, excites me childishly, whether late at night, The Thames, fat and black in Vauxhall, displaying the whorish lights of London across its swelling belly, or young and bright rushing with the daylight energy of speeding police and fireboats, or tourist cruisers. It thrills me, absorbing me in its natural free wonder.

Sophie Parkin celebrates Mole, Ratty and Toad on the riverbank.

Interviews » Sohoitis XI: Christiana Spens Interview (published 01/12/2008)

cs.jpgWhich is your most romantic place in the world?
Which is the most sordid place on earth?
What or who would make you behave heroically?
Lines in a play.
Where’s the best place to eat, and what is it you are eating?
Ice cream in the park.

Christiana Spens answered some of Sophie Parkin‘s questions ahead of her appearance at the December 3:AM PP at the Green Carnation in Soho (London).

Buzzwords » Because Sometimes You Just Have To Go (published 29/11/2008)

3:AM Magazine and Pen Pusher present … The 3:AM PP Date: Tuesday December 2nd Time: 7 – 8:30pm Location: Upstairs at the Green Carnation, 5 Greek Street, Soho A literary salon of beauty and grace, hosted by 3:AM‘s very own Sophie Parkin Hugo Williams on poetry Bernie Katz on non-fiction tales from deepest Soho The […]

Interviews » Sohoitis X: Hugo Williams Interview Special (published )

hugowilliams.jpgWhat was/is your most precious (in all senses of the word!) moment to write about? Lying in bed watching a girl undress. What makes you smile to your toes? My grandaughter Silver’s perceptions of the world; she’s 5. What do you think we should know about you? That a happy life doesn’t always make one happy.

Hugo Williams answered some of Sophie Parkin‘s questions ahead of his appearance at the 3:AM PP at the Green Carnation in Soho (London).