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» The Edgier Waters (published 09/08/2007)

5 YEARS OF 3:AM MAGAZINE Edited by A. Stevens Snowbooks, London (2006) “3:AM… for a dip into the edgier waters of literature.” The Guardian Foreword MICHAEL BRACEWELL Preface A. STEVENS Enough Ribena to Incarnadine the Multitudinous Seas ANDREW GALLIX Eros Essay TIM PARKS The New Bohemians UTAHNA FAITH The Defiant Prose of Stewart Home RICHARD […]

Buzzwords » The Summer of Hate 6: Michelle Brigandage (published 03/07/2007)

Michelle became a cult figure when she was pictured at the head of the queue on the first day of the legendary 100 Club punk festival in 1976 (in the picture she is wearing a leopardskin jacket and is flanked by Siouxsie and Steve Severin). She went on to front Brigandage in the early 80s […]

Essays » The George Berger Column: In Defence of Jeffrey Archer (published 11/05/2007)

136838559_c1ae270d79_m.jpgIt’s a bit like admitting you loved ELO back in the 70s. In certain circles (these ones, for instance, but not only) it treads beyond unhip into some kind of unacceptable. But to slag off Jeffrey Archer as an author is to enter into a game you can’t win. If he’s that bad, how come you’ve read him? And if you haven’t, how come you know he’s that bad? His real crime writing-wise is simply to not be trendy.

George Berger is back. And not a minute too soon!

Buzzwords » The Missing Links (published 29/09/2006)

Thomas Pynchon‘s niece is a porn star. * 3:AM‘s Richard Cabut castigates the apathetic youth of today in the First Post: “In the light of such limpness, what we need is a committed, oppositional and, yes, anarchic, rock culture to kick up a rebellious stink once more. Arise, kids, you’ve got nothing to lose but […]

Buzzwords » The Threat To Our Children Redux (published )

The Guardian get nostalgic for goth-punk: “Initially, it wasn’t called goth. In February 1983, NME lumped together several mostly forgotten bands (Southern Death Cult, Sex Gang Children, Brigandage, Specimen, Blood and Roses) and tagged them “positive punk”. Meanwhile, Marx fondly remembers tabloid hysteria about “suicide pact kids killing themselves listening to Sisters of Mercy”, an […]

Interviews » Ghosting Around: An Interview With Tony O’Neill (published 06/06/2006)

Cop out via copping, as it were. Our hero — actually Tony has that larger-than-life aplomb of a pulp-fiction anti-hero — loses thread of the track of his own life. He fucks up and hits concrete, and carries on. Sometimes, as they say, the metaphysics of the street — the wild craziness of cutting loose and doing it — are beyond understanding.

Richard Cabut interviews Tony O’Neill.

Buzzwords » The Missing Links (published 04/06/2006)

3:AM columnist David Thompson reviews Why Truth Matters in Bookmunch. * The third Althorp Literary Festival (17-18 June). See today’s interview with Caroline Spencer in The Observer. * Morrissey, the “Alan Bennett of pop”, is profiled in The Indie. * Harper Lee and the Mockingbird mystery. * The future of edgy publishing: Social Disease. * […]

Buzzwords » The Missing Links (published 29/04/2006)

“No collector could ever love a work of art as much as a fetishist loves a shoe” — Georges Bataille. Mark Hudson reviews the Hayward Gallery’s Bataille exhibition: “In some respects Bataille, who married twice and had two daughters, led a mundane, even boring, librarian’s existence. But he did literally mean it, he did believe […]

Buzzwords » The 50 Least Influential People In Publishing (Continued) (published 07/04/2006)

Our call for nominations to determine the 50 Least Influential People in Publishing has attracted a fair bit of attention. Inevitably, many people have nominated themselves. Please keep your nominations coming. We’re looking for the names of very talented writers, publishers, literary critics, journalists and bloggers who are currently neglected by mainstream publishing. HP Tinker […]

Buzzwords » Writing Through It (published 01/03/2006)

Tony O’Neill, whose scorching debut, Digging the Vein, is out in the US on Contemporary Press (slogan: “Fuck Literature”!), features prominently in the latest issue of Scarecrow. In his review, Lee Rourke writes that “There is no need for Tony O’Neill to try and dazzle us with his prose styling (a weight that seems to […]