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Buzzwords » The Missing Links (published 26/10/2010)

…and what will be left of them? * Thomas Edison and Henry Ford go camping (via). * Mark E. Smith’s guide to writing. * Tom McCarthy: bad on moths, bad on the causes of moths! * Is Tom McCarthy a modernist writer? * Tom McCarthy in conversation with Michael Silverblatt. * Art-school novelists. * The […]

Buzzwords » Londres Noir, Jeudi Soir (published 16/10/2010)

New French publisher Asphalte has just published a French translation of Cathi Unsworth‘s London Noir anthology, which features 3:AM favourites Max Décharné, Stewart Home and Ken Hollings, as well as the mighty Barry Adamson. The will be a party to launch the book in Paris on Thursday 21 October at Longtemps bookshop, 22 avenue Mathurin-Moreau, […]

Buzzwords » Séance on a W11 Afternoon (published 06/10/2010)

JACK THE STRIPPER’S LADBROKE GROVE Presented by Cathi Unsworth ~ Author of Bad Penny Blues ~ Sunday 17th October 2010, 3pm Meet your guide, a blonde dame with a black streak, under the plane tree in front of Holland Park tube, where she’ll be clutching a shocking pink copy of Bad Penny Blues. It was […]

Buzzwords » With Boredom Now (published 25/07/2010)

The radical bookseller Housmans, (still) tucked away on the backstreets of Kings Cross, is organising a second year of talks under the London’s Burning banner. Two of 3:AM interest, Cathi Unsworth on ‘Soho Noir’ (with Paul Willetts) on August 7 (5pm) and Clive Bloom on ‘Violent London’ on September 4 (5pm).

» Interview Archive Backup (published 15/07/2010)

Search alphabetically by clicking the letters below, or browse the whole collection by scrolling down. A – B – C – D – E – F – G – H – I – J – K – L – M – N – 0 – P – R – S – T – U – […]

Buzzwords » 3:AM Reloaded (published 27/06/2010)

What you (may have) missed on 3:AM this week: Non-fiction: ‘Obscenity is Whatever Gives a Judge an Erection’, Charlotte Young on the Semina book launch; ‘Syntheses of Resistance & Transformation’, John-Patrick Ayson on Joseph Beuys’ I Love America.. & Harold Jaffe’s Jesus Coyote Reviewed: Cathi Unsworth on Barry Miles’ London Calling: A Countercultural History of […]

Reviews » Sohoitis (published 22/06/2010)

London Calling is a comprehensive history of those places within the city that exert the siren call: the Soho of dandy writers and woozy poets, of rackety drinking clubs and jazz basements. The Ladbroke Grove of radical politics, Pop Art and Performance. The King’s Road fashion youthquake from Mary Quant to McLaren and Westwood. The East End that housed both Throbbing Gristle’s Death Factory and Derek Jarman’s waterside warehouse paradises.

Cathi Unsworth responds to the siren call of Barry Miles‘ history of the post-war counterculture.

Buzzwords » Five for Tony O’Neill (published 18/06/2010)

By Andrew Stevens. “Sick city / Gonna be my death, gonna be the death of me” Lee Ranaldo once described Ray Loriga‘s My Brother’s Gun as like “the rush of an electric guitar riff charging up your spine”. Tony O’Neill‘s meth-fuelled crawl through Los Angeles’ underbelly pretty much wires your nipples to the motel mains, […]

Buzzwords » Electronic Music as the Sound of Space (published )

There’s an excellent essay by Ken Hollings in this month’s INTO magazine, commissioned for the Sonar festival and a history of British electronic music that includes Joe Meek [read Cathi Unsworth on Meek], Ghost Box records and (3:AM favourites) the Radiophonic Workshop, in the context of British science fiction and as bygone visions of the […]

Buzzwords » The Missing Links (published 02/05/2010)

An interview with Barry Gifford: “When [David] Lynch had written the first screenplay it was exactly like the book. The ending was the same and all that sort of thing. And then there was some debate about putting a happy ending on Wild at Heart. He called me up and said, “What happens? Do Sailor […]