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Buzzwords » Writing Through It (published 01/03/2006)

Tony O’Neill, whose scorching debut, Digging the Vein, is out in the US on Contemporary Press (slogan: “Fuck Literature”!), features prominently in the latest issue of Scarecrow. In his review, Lee Rourke writes that “There is no need for Tony O’Neill to try and dazzle us with his prose styling (a weight that seems to […]

Buzzwords » Open Heart Surgery Performed With An Axe (published 23/01/2006)

Tony O’Neill reviews Mark SaFranko‘s Hating Olivia: “Hating Olivia by Mark SaFranko (Murder Slim Press, 2005) is a very special book, a precious book, and one to be read and re-read until it is dog-eared and tattered. It comes with an introduction by Dan Fante and the connection doesn’t just end there. With Hating Olivia, […]

Buzzwords » The Return Of The Paris Bitter Hearts Pit (published 11/12/2005)

The second issue of the Paris Bitter Hearts Pit, strikingly designed by Nicolas Vitte, is out at last! As usual, it is/will be distributed free in selected bookshops and galleries in Paris, London (ICA, Aquarium Gallery), Dublin, Santiago and New York. This time round, Vim Cortez treats us to an exclusive extract from Matt Thorne‘s […]

Buzzwords » The Missing Links (published 04/12/2005)

C S Lewis quoted in today’s Independent on Sunday: “I am almost committing an indecency. I am trying to rip open the inconsolable secret in each one of you — the secret which hurts so much that you take revenge on it by calling it names like Nostalgia and Romanticism and Adolescence… the secret we […]

Buzzwords » The Missing Links (published 16/11/2005)

Congratulations to the unstoppable Mark Thwaite of Ready Steady Books for being chosen as MobyLives Radio‘s UK correspondent. In related news, here’s a handy list of literary podcasts (link via dogmatika). * Morrissey: new album details. * There’s a great review of Tom McCarthy‘s Remainder in Short Term Memory Loss (see also RSB). * Not […]

Buzzwords » Coq Rock (published 14/10/2005)

Richard Cabut reviews Mike’s Bikes, The Lavender Pill Mob‘s new album (Le Coq Musique): The second LP from the Pill Mob — Kevin Mooney (Adam and the Ants, Max) and Gary Asquith (Renegade Soundwave) plus pals — trembles on the verge of coherence, dishing out equal amounts of charm and harm. It flits from clever […]

Buzzwords » The Missing Links (published 03/09/2005)

The real Oliver Twist is revealed in The Independent on Sunday. * 3:AM‘s Zoe Paxton reviews Michel Faber‘s The Farenheit Twins: “When Faber sucks you into whatever world he’s created, the gap between reality and fantasy closes and — hey presto! — you find yourself clawing to get out of a world which doesn’t actually […]

Fiction » Danger Stranger (published 10/08/2004)

Earlier, on Commercial Street, Carol had seen a black cat unlucky enough to have been hit by a car — or given a vicious kicking by some particularly stupid and sadistic kids. With cracked back and smashed head, the broken little beast flipped around like a landed fish in the middle of the road. Eyes rolled and blood sprayed from a shattered mouth, as the cat danced its violent death flip. Carol shuddered and moved on. Her universe, full of portents and signs, was marked by a sense of melancholy, isolation and the stomach-churning premonition that it is all going to go tits up. This is a bad sign, she thought.

By Richard Cabut.

Interviews » Keep Warm This Winter – Make Trouble (published 12/03/2004)

Richard Cabut interviews Jamie Reid, the self-styled “socialist druid” who turned the Sex Pistols into a work of art. Cookie Mueller, late NY art critic and associate of trash king John Waters, said of 80s artist Jean Michel Basquiat “He’s doing some kind of shaman work, some voodoo hoodoo, like automatic writing”. Some of us […]