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Plan C?


Trying times for the independent presses as Plan B announces its last issue. Having seen a number of our favourite music mags go under in recent years, this one was particularly mournful, as Artrocker put it in response, it was “a fanzine on steroids” and “the magazine you moved onto when the skinny jeans got too tight”. Apparently plans are afoot for a web version, though Artrocker themselves claim to be in fine fettle and defiant of similar commercial pressures. If you’re feeling particularly charitable towards what was almost a public service in music journalism then by all means take a few back issues off their hands.

Your attention is also drawn to the Vagabond “online music festival” over at artrocker.tv, which includes poetry from Alan Vega of Suicide and Alec Empire (on their 3AM stage, no less.)

First posted: Thursday, May 28th, 2009.

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