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Sheena is a Trump Rocker

By Andy Blade.

I blame Russell Brand. Ever since he caused ‘outrage’, and planted the seed, by suggesting that the reason so many people do not vote, is because there’s no one worth voting for, the whole world’s gone mad. Jump forward in time by four years, and the disaffected, disengaged voters from 2013 — a very high percentage of them now being young, come of age female millennials — along with your usual lefty suspects (of which I always assumed I was one, until the last year or so). All of a sudden, however, everyone’s a fucking expert on fucking everything. Twenty year old kids coming across like they’ve been up against the political rockface all their lives, loving the sound of their own voices on YouTube, as they put the world to rights, eulogising away in their irritating, squeaky, upspeak manner, telling us what ‘the thing’ is, and letting us know how messed up the rest of us really are. This supposedly well meaning movement, peopled almost exclusively by the pampered middle classes of all ages, and their whiny offspring, are bound together in their utter hatred of Brexit and Donald Trump.

For starters, since when did we ever like our leaders, or get the ones we want? Haven’t we always assumed that a political system that advocates a two or three party race, must be crooked? Or that when a decent candidate shows up, they’re assassinated. Come on! Hasn’t it long been standard practise for those that think outside the box, to mock the whole system? To, rightly, treat it with the utter contempt it deserves for being as far removed from the people as it could ever get.

When I was a eighteen, of course I joined in when ‘we’ mocked incoming President Reagan before he’d even set foot in office. Without knowing a single thing about him, I did what the Millennials are doing now with Trump, making what I thought, were valid criticisms about the guy, without checking to see how wildly skewed they were. I’d skim read (and even more stupidly, believe) the mainstream press articles, most of the time just looking for confirmation of what I already believed. I became skilled in the ancient ignorant art of parroting my friends, peers, and sensationalist headlines. Being a musician, how could I not be a lefty, after all? How I’d enthusiastically laugh at the cheap shots and weak jokes, as though I had any fucking idea of what constituted a good president (‘What have McDonalds and the USA got in common? They are both run by a clown called Ronald!’ — remember that classic, anyone?).

That was a long time ago, so I’ll forgive myself for being an easily manipulated greenhorn, and so too will I have to go lightly on the young Millennials of today, whose first foray into politics, has coincided with possibly the most radical thing to ever happen to it. Unfortunately, being so close up to the beast, I’m not sure they can see the situation for what it really is — unexpectedly exciting, and the best chance we’ve ever had to make a chink in the armour of the stultifying status quo. Screw the messenger. I couldn’t care less if it was Trump or the singer out of Mike and the Fucking Mechanics, I want an upset, preferably culminating in the demise of the modern political system — and I don’t care how stupidly naive that sounds, or even the fact it will probably never actually happen. Ironically, though, rather than making a break for the prison gates that enslave us all — quite possibly the only chance we’ll ever get to see change in our lifetime — everyone seems to be listening to parents, teachers, and the mainstream press, with their negative fake news, their onslaught against Brexit and Trump, and it is astonishingly relentless.

I feel sorry for a lot of them, and don’t blame them for going along with it. The enormous strain it would put them under, to counter oppressive popular opinion, would be dangerous and traumatic, to say the least. A bit like being a punk rocker in the 70s, as suggested by the much loathed Milo Yiannopolous, whom the liberals and Republicans alike seem to take particular exception to, being a ‘gay, Jewish conservative’ and now ‘paedophile apologist’, for having the guts to talk frankly about his own abuse. Whether you like or hate him, though, he makes an interesting point. It’s true, so many of these conscientious objectors are behaving in exactly the same way the old guard acted out in 1976/7. Their ignorant, hand-off-the-pulse, reactionary knee-jerk desire to banish the Pistols, along with their complete failure to listen and learn, to see or accept change, is very reminiscent of what is going on today, the difference being, rather than upsetting, or outraging your parents and teachers by wearing a swastika or a picture of a cowboy with a big cock, all you have to do is say something supportive of a billionaire with really bad hair, or wear a ‘Make America Great Again’ cap — making Donald Trump the Sex Pistols of 2017.

If only the adversaries could see what benefits there are in looking at things differently. Surely they see how disturbing it is to hear supposedly self-aware individuals demonstrate just how unaware they actually are. Who has time for patronising, self-opinionated arseholes telling us what we should think and do? Viewing life, as they seem to, through their insipid, stringy, broken logic. This is why the establishment lost in the end, and punk won, despite the massive ‘white-lash’. The controlling parents, teachers and politicians’ efforts all amounted to nothing — other than retrospective embarrassment — a point I would like to underline for the Millennials (the only ones I give a fuck about here, being the future). Please learn from history: don’t waste your time holding back the tide. Please stop mollycoddling insincere, suspect middle-class values, and defending pant-suits, when you should be kicking against the pricks that are manipulating you. Pricks drawn from the same gene-pool as our former moral guardians that sought to ban the Punk, but at the same time failed to spot any of the real bad guys, injustices and ‘outrages’ going on all around them, even when it was shoved under their big red booze noses. These easily duped idiots, so busy trying to keep the Sex Pistols off the road, whilst slipping a big golden key into Jimmy Savile’s lycra pants pocket. It would be funny if the roll call of dodgy ‘establishment favourites’ wasn’t so long.

It’s important to remember that for every Savile, Robert Maxwell or Cyril Smith, there are a hundred that slipped through the net. Worse than that, they are probably standing shoulder to shoulder with the ‘virtue-signalling’ likes of Branson, Blair, De Niro, and Eddie Fucking Izzard, adding their voices to the Trump chorus of disapproval as we speak. Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated into tacitly supporting these real bigots, those that are encouraging our kids to disrespect democracy by losing badly — way to go. What a great message to send out: that it is no longer a virtue to lose gracefully, and that stamping your feet and wailing when you don’t get what you want, is the new standard.

Andy Blade was lead singer with legendary punk band, Eater. He is the author of The Secret Life of a Teenage Punk Rocker: The Andy Blade Chronicles. His latest solo album, Plastic Penny & the Strange Wooden Horse is available here.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Friday, March 17th, 2017.