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Spiv Driver


By Travis Jeppesen and Matthew Wascovich.


Drunken spiders percolate. The flags

droop onwards, the blueness flows.

Soured tunnels remind me of house plants.

The pills stuck to the bottom of that foot. I am alone.

Salvation cums a lot. When I see you dancing

on the snails, I am reminded of Kant

in the graveyard. My own hobby

reduces a laundry list to a neck of porn.

Well-hung teddy bears yield social change. My

golden arena didn’t ask of it yet. Cat’s thirsty.

An amplification of every day. Let’s be marginal.

Throttled down hose, the juicy leather sphere

bungles its fabricated relapse, I hope to hold on to

what I couldn’t afford to drape. Left out on the

regret platform, the way the eyes burn, I’s almost

left hibernating in the term pathway. What’s never-

more, that’s a guarantee we will somehow get through this,

if only to find ourselves spinning on the ground floor.

The naiveté that still glistens in yr eyes

Every time I make it last one more minute

onwards…When the explosion happens,

you’re always alone.



past of greenpoint’s piss,
sweet lord for forgiveness
it’s duty, spiker and her wristband
it feels, the repealer’s heaven

my alp, knife vein
my widow, sings her hiding
my face, a line begat him
my notion, awkwardly read

biased an appreciate,
i have no guest check for the apostle
i believe in the road
a crack show mouth as dipshit

councilmen never stutter
start your own thing, prick
do you got a new thing?
the shredding of ships, flow free!

as it goes in,
it must come out
these wiper blades never work,
stripped the bumper

pittsburgh, may i ask of you,
that we take it slowly?
i’m a man for you,
even when my rose is loosing



Travis Jeppesen was born in 1979 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. After studying literature and philosophy at the New School for Social Research in New York, Jeppesen left the United States for Europe, where he has resided since 2001. He is the author of two novels, Victims (Akashic Books, 2003) and Wolf at the Door (Twisted Spoon Press, 2007) and a collection of poetry, Poems I Wrote While Watching TV (BLATT Books, 2006). He has written about contemporary art and culture for a number of publications, including 3:AM Magazine, The Prague Pill, New York Press, Umelec, ZOO, Pavement Magazine, Bookforum, The Stranger, and Provokator, and will be published in the forthcoming anthology The Offbeat Generation. Jeppesen currently divides his time between Berlin and Prague, where he edits the literary journal BLATT.

DEVOID OF DECLARATION (Hab Discontent Books, 2007) is a new poem and lyric book from Matthew Wascovich. Wascovich, nailed to the stump that is Cleveland, Ohio, America, plays music, unprotected, with Thee Scarcity of Tanks.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007.