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Stanley – Animals with Amazing Disguises

This is Stanley’s first album and obviously these guys have been listening heavily to Neil Hannon’s The Divine Comedy. As far as as overwhelming influences go, they could have chosen worse (disclosure: we’re big fans of Hannon). Inevitably one is tempted to compare them to the original, so to speak, and Stanley have nothing to blush about.

This is a good record in the cheeky melodramatic orchestral pop vein (think the Decemberists and… well The Divine Comedy). The Aberdeen band might have to differentiate themselves a bit more from Hannon (even the lead singer’s voice sounds, let’s say, like a pointed tribute) in the future, and ‘Moneys and Friends’ on the album is a move in this direction, with more of electronic vibe than the rest, or even the more aggressive rock and roll of ‘Dance like your Daddy’. Regardless of the direction they take in the future, this particular stage is a success and we’ll be keeping an eye on them.

More of Stanely, including live tracks, here: http://soundcloud.com/stanley-aberdeen.

Stanley - Animals with Amazing Disguises

First posted: Thursday, August 16th, 2012.

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