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Tandeta: DBC Pierre, Salter, Cervantes, James, Listener, O’Brien, Nabokov


“Reality has overtaken it, to a degree. The form of the novel is too quaint, too fabulous. You can’t resonate off a core set of values now in the way you once could.” DBC Pierre in The White Review / James Salter month / Why we read Don Quixote / Henry James & the joys of binge reading / BBC opens online archive of The Listener, for which Virginia Woolf, Phillip Larkin & T.S. Eliot wrote [via @seanjcostello] / Mylesday, a “celebration in Guinness” of Flann O’Brien / Nabokov had the butterfly blues [via @CormacKinsella]

First posted: Thursday, March 31st, 2011.

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