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“I still love literature and reading but I am more difficult to please now than I was twenty years ago. And what I want has changed. I want more philosophy and metaphysics more quickly – and less entertainment.” The Rumpus interview Geoff Dyer / “I liked the idea of someone swimming in big modernist and postmodern theory and still making room for human feeling, but a page – sometimes even a sentence, or an essay title – [of David Foster Wallace] brings me out in hives.” Geoff Dyer [via @TheBrowser] / DFW as Bartleby? “The writer who cannot will himself to complete the act of writing,” Tom McCarthy on The Pale King [via @drmabuse] / DFW & the problem of being bored [via @LeeRourke] / “To be modern is one thing; to know what to do with that is quite another.” Morgan Meis on Rimbaud‘s Illuminations / The brief, bohemian transit of Modigliani [via @aldaily] / 15 most famous cafes in the literary world [via @largeheartedboy] / Collecting the Bloomsbury group / How Visual Editions brought Jonathan Safran Foer‘s die-cut novel Tree of Codes to life / “A style that tries to unbury the dead through syntax.” A.D. Miller on W.G. Sebald [via @EliseBlackwell]

First posted: Friday, April 15th, 2011.

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