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Tandeta: Nabokov, Herzog, Pound, Plath, Van Sant, McCarthy, Electric Eden, Mitchell, Schwitters, Little Review


Nabokov‘s drawings of butterflies / Werner Herzog & Cormac McCarthy talk science & culture [via @Moloch50] / Ezra Pound, Elizabeth Bishop & the madhouse [via Bookslut] / This is not a biography, Jacqueline Rose on her conflict with the Sylvia Plath Estate [via @thebookslut] / William Burroughs, Gus Van Sant & the discipline of ‘do easy’ / “Loathe as I am to agree with Zadie Smith, it’s kind of a big deal.” Bookmunch on Tom McCarthy‘s Remainder (reissue) / How Avant Is It? The Millions on Zadie Smith, Tom McCarthy & the novel’s way forward / “My ears have undergone some evolution in the process.” Electric Eden author Rob Young / On ‘Bygonese’, dialogue in historical fiction, with reference to David Mitchell / “To collect detritus is to preserve a wistful recollection of the recent past.” On Kurt Schwitters / First 9 volumes of Little Review (1914-1922) at Modernist Journal’s Project (includes 23 installments of James Joyce‘s Ulysses).

First posted: Saturday, April 23rd, 2011.

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