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The Best Novel of 2005?

You may know Tom McCarthy as the General Secretary of the International Necronautical Society, a self-styled “semi-fictitious avant-garde network”. You may not know, however, that he is also the author of a very special novel entitled Remainder (Metronome Press) which has just been launched in both Paris and London, and is destined to become — at the very least — a cult classic.

The author will be interviewed tomorrow on London’s Resonance FM (104.4 FM) between 8pm and 9.30pm local time (Krautrockers Faust will also be live in the studio).

Tom is currently listening to:

1. “I’m in a Trance” — The Fall
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3. “Top Cat (Underscore)” — Anonymous (Hannah-Barbera Corporation)
4. “Audio for an Abandoned Tennis Court” — Rod Summers
5. “Satisfaction” — Cat Power

First posted: Sunday, November 6th, 2005.

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