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The Field


‘This all began with her. When I told her about the field she just laughed so I never mentioned it again. I remember picking up the telephone and hesitating, and Trish encouraging me.
She said, “It’s something you always wanted…”’

An exhibition at Transition Gallery in east London will run from 2-31 May 2009 to coincide with Gary O’Connor’s first novella, The Field (Transition Editions, £8.50). The installation, we are told, will extend the text “with visual, olfactory and auditory elements”.

The author will be reading extracts from The Field at the following venues:
7 May: Transition Gallery, London E9 (7pm)
9 May: Kettles Yard, Cambridge
14 September: Cafe Writers, Norwich
Two more London readings will follow (dates to be confirmed).

O’Connor is a visual artist who has produced a number of publications to accompany his artworks. He is a regular contributor to Garageland magazine and his short story, “Soft”, was included in The Alpine Fantasy of Victor B and Other Stories.

First posted: Sunday, March 22nd, 2009.

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