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Make your own Alan Moore doll + Bob Fingerman on Inkstuds + Paul Gravett on Erotic Comics: A Graphic History Vol 2: “In his archly amusing introduction, ‘Drawings of Harlots’, the root definition of pornography, Alan Moore bemoans the fact that “pornography is very much like adolescent poetry: there’s a great deal of it about because it is a very easy thing to do, and much of it is absolutely fucking dreadful because it is very hard to do well.”” + Comics Reporter review Jason‘s Low Moon, originally serialised in the NY Times: “While Jason’s gag work remains sublime, the loss of week-long interludes between installments robs the comedic western of its humorously portentous air, the way the very simple plot keeps getting pulled down into nonsense.” + An interview with Yoshihiro Tatsumi: Gekiga is a term people throw around now to describe any manga with violence or eroticism or any spectacle. It’s become synonymous with spectacular. But I write manga about households and conversations, love affairs, mundane stuff that is not spectacular. I think that’s the difference.” + And Tatsumi in the National Post, with commentary from Adrian Tomine, longtime champion of his work {via Journalista!} + Finally, Throbbing Gristle live {via Comics Reporter}

First posted: Saturday, May 23rd, 2009.

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