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The Missing Links

Sam Jordison on The Night Climbers of Cambridge: “‘If you slip, you will still have three seconds to live’.” * Swells wants to nationalise the Premier League. (See also Swells on Radiohead.) * The book as work of art (via dogmatika). * Jack Kerouac’s fantasy baseball game. * The Sex Pistols in Paris (1976). * Shane MacGowan’s new gnashers. * Britain learns to rock at the Barbican. * Twitter book club. * Whatever happened to the Milkybar kid? * Terrace chants. * Lee Rourke begins again. * The Horrors‘ influences. * The debut issue of Dwang, a yearly journal; this one includes Billy Childish, Dan Fante, Ben Myers, Adelle Stripe, Tim Wells & recent 3:AM interviewee Steve Richmond; yours for a cool £50 (or £70 for a fancier one) * Jeff VanderMeer reviews Chuck Palahniuk‘s Pygmy: “Sloppy yet smart…could’ve done with fewer vibrator jokes and more ripping out of jugulars.” * We Love You So, the blog that fills in the blanks on Spike Jonze‘s Where the Wild Things Are * Blogs and the vertical integration of consciousness. Or whatever, by Tao Lin * Slice magazine interview Aleksandar Hemon [” At the exact moment I’m writing my adrenaline goes up”] & Paul Auster [“The borough I call home has been a shifting, unstable projection of the minds of my characters”] * Auster also talks to Granta * Talking of Brooklyn, Colm Toibin‘s novel has got future prize-winner written all over it, but just don’t try to categorise him (as Irish. Or gay): “I am also bald. I don’t notice a section on us in bookstores.” * Powells interview Elmore Leonard: “[My characters] don’t know literary words. So I can’t sound like Martin Amis. I have to sound like me. We were on “Charlie Rose” together and [Charlie] said, “You and Martin Amis, you’re friends? You don’t write anything alike.” I said, “No, I’m not a literary writer. I’m not writing from my own point of view with my own language. I can’t do that, I have to use the points of view of my characters. I can’t do what Martin does.” Martin was waiting in the green room before he came out. Charlie said, “Did you hear what Elmore Leonard said about you?” [Martin] said, “My heart soared like a hawk.” Then I find out later, from a friend of his, he uses that a lot, just to be funny.” * An interview with “mouthpiece for Brechtian pop duo the Dresden Dolls,” Amanda Fucking Palmer * A Kraftwerk interview. * An open letter to Dave Eggers * Do you have a Wankers shelf? I do. It’s for books by Wankers. Books that are so bad – or books by authors who are Wankers, whose books might actually be OK, from time to time, but they themselves are such unbearable Wankers – that you wonder if the best thing to do, rather than giving these books to charity, is to keep them out of circulation. (via @nicholasroyle) * The View From Here magazine. * Ben Myers on British Sea Power and productive musicians. * Richard Grayson in The Rumpus.

First posted: Friday, May 22nd, 2009.

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