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The Missing Links

joeshusterEwan Morrison‘s favourite literary ménages à trois. (More Ewan Morrison coming up in 3:AM.) * An interview with Stephen Elliott. * Boris Vian in Saint-Germain. * Richard Brautigan is still “pounding at the gates of American literature”. * Big Sur revisited. * Marinetti and the Futurists. * The biography of Naked Lunch. * Molly Flatt shows off her perfect knickers. * Can women write about sex? Can men? * The history of the slogan T-shirt. * Ben Myers on Hughes, Plath and Yorkshire. * Reading books that don’t exist. * Former lead singer with Parisian punk band Guilty Razors (turned painter) Tristam has a new website. * The literary parks tour. * John Harris on Blur‘s comeback: “Here, for what it’s worth, is my theory. Blur came into being just as the Berlin Wall fell and our generation was nudged into the decade-or-so of innocence that ended with 9/11. Most of that time was prosperous and thereby apolitical. The result was a culture that was heady and celebratory, but also troubled by the idea that all of a sudden there was not much to hang on to”. Albarn: “He mentions Blue Jeans, a song from Modern Life Is Rubbish (1993), written in the first flush of his relationship with Justine Frischmann. Until their break-up in 1998, the two of them shared a house in Notting Hill and jointly plotted the ideas that initially defined Britpop, before Oasis took it somewhere else entirely. The song mentions Dr Martens and Portobello Road, before a chorus in which he sings, ‘I want to stay this way for ever’. ‘Blue Jeans just makes me feel like being in love, and moving to this part of London, and falling in love with the place,’ he tells me. ‘There’s an innocence to it. It sounds like being 23’.” More Blur. * Writers’ cameos. * The return of Adam Ant. * Drawing the Gruffalo. * Viv Albertine. * Owen Hatherley interviewed. * Paul Morley on Kraftwerk. The band are interviewed here. * Underelict London: the London Shop Fronts gallery * George Whitman’s hair is on fire. Again. * Patti Smith at Meltdown. * Kill Author‘s Roland Barthes special. * City boys vs punks. * The art of the matter. * ‘An Understanding Wife’, an Irvine Welsh short story in The Dubliner. * David Foster Wallace‘s legacy.
[Pic: Joe Shuster.]

First posted: Wednesday, June 24th, 2009.

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