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The Missing Links

redcarpinup“Nick Carraway in The Great Gatsby [is] the person on the outside looking in, which is what I’m like as a writer.” Chuck Palaniuk in the FT. * Why do Pynchon, Ballard and Wallace provoke such online loyalty? * Stewart Home‘s punk rock tunes & blogs that groove him. * Richard Hell to release re-recording of final Voidoids album via Insound ( via @ALARMpress) * Terry Gilliam on the genius of MAD creator Harvey Kurtzman. * The Book-club hustlers, new authors on the make (pity they’re a bit shit). * Hermaphrodite series for HBO (Jeffrey EugenidesMiddlesex) * Charles Burns New Yorker Tilley art from 1993 (via @forlornfunnies) * New York in film. * Bound for success, contemporary book-binding. * The art of book cover design. * Why do print-on-demand books have to be so hideous? * Two-Dollar Radio publisher Eric Obenauf on the revenge of print. * The NY Press on Who Killed Amanda Palmer?, a collaborative photography & story book between Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer. * Playboy will run an excerpt from Nabokov‘s The Original of Laura. * Lost Graham Greene novel unearthed by Francois Gallix to be serialised in crime magazine. * Why do Scandinavians write such great crime fiction? * Tim Hall‘s Uplift the Postivicals, “text-based comics, fontasies, soul sutras and shredded prose, rendered in bold, binary alphabetics”. * The “spirit” of Walt Whitman sells jeans (via Bookslut)

First posted: Saturday, July 11th, 2009.

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