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The Missing Links


Jean-Philippe Toussaint interviewed in Le Monde. His new book (La Vérité sur Marie) is reviewed in Libé. * The background to Lindsay Anderson‘s If….. * Steve Aylett is good for you (BBC World Service interview). * Twitterature. * In praise of depression. * The road to recovery for Edwyn Collins. * Welcome to Word Dissolution. * Jim Carroll, the musician, and Tom Clark‘s tribute. Ben Myers also mourns the passing of Carroll. * Sam Jordison on Generation X. * David Byrne‘s perfect city. * China Mieville‘s London. * Disco Discharge. * The state of British erotica (which includes an interview with James Bridle of Bookkake). * London loves. * An interview with Tao Lin. * A literary map of San Francisco. * John Robb on post-punk revisionism. * Andy Hunter on the future of independent publishing. * Mad Men, the return. * The return of the Brutalists. * Situationist skinheads. * Stewart Home on Zanzibar Films. * Poetry from 3:AM‘s Richard Cabut. * Groping Japanese style. * How Margaret Thatcher changed pop culture. * Simon Callow on Dorian Gray. * Jonathan Ames is Bored to Death. * Nick Cave reads from David Eagleman‘s novel Sum, as recommended by Stephen Fry. * Rotten Leaves magazine. * Soft Skull buys novel off Twitter.

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First posted: Saturday, September 19th, 2009.

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