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The Missing Links


Gavin James Bower on modelling in The Sun: “[G]oing to castings is like spending a day in the British Library. Only, the people reading are a bit better looking”. * Richard Hell‘s book launch for The Voidoid. * The 24-hour Book Project. More here. * Nabokov discusses Lolita. * Iconic polaroids. * Check out the Wanderlust Review. * Cooking with mother. * Radical theatres in crisis. * 3:AM‘s Alan Kelly reviews Danny Hogan‘s Killer Tease (out on the very interesting Pulp Press). * Derek Jarman‘s artistic legacy — an article in which we learn that John Donne was the author of Edward II. * British street fashion. * John Robb‘s Death to Trad Rock. * The Billy bookcase turns 30. * Russian poets in Londongrad. * Pop stars now and then. * Luke Haines in London next month. * Wimbledon Book Fest. * One nation under a Moog (by Simon Reynolds): “A curious thing that comes through watching Synth Britannia is how the futuristic-ness of this music is largely irrecoverable to us, precisely because we live in the future that the synth-pop era helped to bring about”. Vaguely related: John Foxx. * David Hare on Louis Malle. * On the Beatles to Bowie exhibition at London’s NPG. (See also their Gay Icons exhibition.)

First posted: Sunday, October 11th, 2009.

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