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Issue 11 of the extraordinary Taiwan-based White Fungus to be launched in NYC on 14 January. * “This could so easily have been a shoddy cash-in, but in throwing down the gauntlet for pop music to provide more than entertainment, Lydon is back where he belongs”. * On Terry Taylor. * FLicKeR — the story of Brion Gysin‘s extraordinary dreammachine. * High culture vs low culture. * The Invasion of…. * Inky fingers and sore thumbs. * 3:AM among the Philosophers’ Magazine‘s quotes of the year. * JG Ballard‘s daughter remembers: “…[I]n between school runs, ironing school ties and cooking sausages and mashed potato, he wrote his novels and short stories – one minute conjuring up wild dystopias, the next watching Blue Peter“. * You can’t speed-read literature. * Is technology dumbing down Japanese? Haruki Murakami doesn’t think so. * Fetishizing bookshelves (via @ElectricLit) * Move over Dylan, it’s the H.P. Lovecraft Radio Hour, “you will join us” (via @davidbmetcalfe) * Anais Nin on LSD’s value at Arthur (via Vol. 1 Brooklyn) * “My ’smoking years’ were the most glorious and satisfying period I could imagine.” Naim Attallah on The Cigarette Book. * David F. Hoenigman interviews D. Harlan WIlson. * Read issue 1 of Leah Moore & John Reppion‘s The Trial Of Sherlock Holmes for free at Bleeding Cool. * Comixmas: When Worlds Collide, an exhibition (Osamu Tezuka, Hergé, Andrzej Klimowski) * Reading to the Endgame, a novel approach to chess (Primo Levi, Oulipo) (via The Rumpus) * Johnny Cash‘s late covers are superior to their original recordings, but are they traditional? asks Rick Moody. * A toothpick for $9,150? But it belonged to Charles Dickens. Well that’s okay then. * Despite a volume of them being on track for Book of the Year ’round some parts, a rare collection of Samuel Beckett correspondence failed to sell at auction. * Stuart Evers on plucky editors (Bolaño, David Vann) * Michael Chabon & Wes Anderson on their favourite Xmas animated specials (via Largehearted Boy) * A film by Charles & Ray Eames for Polaroid (via @doorsixteen) * The Second Pass ask which recent-ish novels will still be read in 2110. * The evolution of Lou Reed.

First posted: Friday, December 18th, 2009.

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