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The Missing Links


On boredom and literature. * Ben Myers on Django Reinhardt. * Dan Rhodes‘s new blog. * Julien Temple, Dr Feelgood and the psychogeography of Essex: Oil City Confidential. * An unreleased Steve Reich soundtrack. * The artists of the Night Cafe. * Creation Records — The Movie. * The Telegraph‘s top new novelists. * Ian Aitch on The Ex: “If ­Ethiopia starts throwing up scratchy, indefinable guitar bands, you’ll know who to blame”. * Kevin Sampsell‘s A Common Pornography (promo video). * A site devoted to French cult author Jean-Jacques Schuhl (whose new novel has just come out). * France’s greatest living artist? * Britain’s coolest man?: “‘I’m the ultimate magazine and editorial nerd,’ he insists, passing me a candle made especially for him that smells of fresh magazine print as it burns”. * Melody Maker to be revived online? * The end of the 80s revival? * Spying throughout the ages. * Billy Bragg in tax protest. * Flotsam & Jetsam. * An interview with Brett Anderson. * More Bloomsbury shenanigans. * No Distance Left to Run (trailer here). * Damon Albarn in his own words. * Lawrence Higgins (video). * Lost in the shelves. * Eastenders exhibition. * A guide to Mad Men. * JG Ballard fridge magnets. * I’m a photographer, not a terrorist. * The view from Blackpool Tower. * Donald Brown on Thomas Pynchon‘s California novels (via 3QD) * Cherie Currie on The Runaways. * Will Self on pissing in public.* Pinter‘s 59 year pause. * Found in books. * Martin Amis on writing Time’s Arrow. * Over at HTMLGIANT, a conversation between Dennis Cooper & Blake Butler. * Chris Petit reviews Peter Biskind‘s Beatty book. * The Blockheads on the Ian Dury biopic. * The ICA to close? * James Bridle, friend of 3:AM, is remaking Patrick Keiller‘s London shot-by-shot . * Nasty Little Press. * A new story by Julian Barnes. * African sounds, avant-garde disco, Chinese folk music, what’s on David Bowie’s iPod.

First posted: Sunday, January 24th, 2010.

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