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The Missing Links


Stephen Fry on the iPad. * David Lynch & Frank Herbert talk Dune. * Richard Milward continues his “series of literary, rock’n’roll hijinks” in The Guardian (read 3:AM‘s interview with Milward here) * Alan Kelly reviews Steve Finbow‘s Balzac of the Badlands. * Did you read Nick Flynn guest blogging on Powell’s? * The Ulitmate Graphic Novel (in six panels) by David Lasky (via HTMLGIANT) * Michael Kimball is doing a series of guest lectures on the novel at HTMLGIANT. * Steve Almond‘s self-publishing adventure. * Are self-publishing companies “monetizing the slush pile?” * A book by its Gorey cover (via @RonHogan) * A gallery of 650 Philip K Dick book covers (via Design Observer) * The Catcher in the Rye , the book (cover) that changed Michael Bierut‘s life. * The books in Salinger’s safe. * Secret Salinger documentary revealed (via Maud Newton) * Salon‘s slideshow of jackets of J.D. Salinger‘s most famous book. * A sneak peek of John Squire‘s covers for Penguin. * Vulgar Picture, an illustrated discography of The Smiths & Morrissey (via @doorsixteen) * An open letter to Morrissey. * “Wee label with great chemistry”, Chemikal Underground records profiled (via Largehearted Boy) * The literary manboys of NYC. * Unhappy Hipsters, “it’s lonely in the modern world” (h/t Andrew Stevens) * Lee Rourke indulges in a little shelf love. * Robert Birnbaum on “an original’s original” Nick Tosches. * Gavin James Bower: “Self-publicity is like being f***ed by a relentless and indefatigable mistress – with a strap-on black mamba. It’s constant, repetitive and surprisingly pleasurable, but only in the way that you can’t comfortably admit. “ * Jacques Tati fashion. * Paris by Izis. * Dash Snow‘s polaroids. * Polaroid of the Day (via @CreativeReview) * Tiffany Murray‘s top 10 rock’n’roll novels. * John Coulthart on William S. Burroughs: A Man Within. * Archive of Burroughs & Ginsberg lectures at Naropa Online. * Will Self‘s introduction to the Book of Revelation (via @RhysTranter) * Jewcy interview Gary Shteyngart: “My immigrant humor is most definitely ill-advised.” (via Vol. 1 Brooklyn). * A 1957 recording of Alain Robbe-Grillet reading from Jealousy (via @davidbmetcalfe). * What is the best London Novel?. * The LSE literature festival. * RIBA’s Forgotten Spaces. * People Sleeping in Libraries, a Flickr group (via @josswinn) * In praise of phonebooks (and Philip Roth) by Joshua Cohen. * Dennis Cooper on Zachary German. * The state of the nation novel. * Magazine fiction’s golden age can never be repeated.

First posted: Sunday, January 31st, 2010.

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