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The Missing Links


Morrissey to Linder: “I shall love you till that final stretch of sand that the sea never quite reaches is finally swathed by crashing waves. Or, perhaps longer . . . if there’s time.” Linder: “[Y]ou and Howard Devoto and Pete Shelley and others were so very, very smart. All finding different ways of saying, ‘Yes, but. . . .’ It had less to do with talent than with genius — musicians and singers, but with the minds and eyes of novelists”. * Fire up the Quattro. * Semiospectacle. * Free 60s soul podcasts. * The Ghostsigns archive. * Unseen images of a lost London. * Hop-picking in Kent (video, 1929). * Some of Ken Russell‘s pictures from the 50s. * The Terry Richardson controversy. * Dirty Modern Scoundrel. * Lucian Freud at Pompidou. * Translated Fiction blog. * The England Writers team. * Alex Chilton RIP. * Carol Clerk RIP. * Oi oi oi! * Rose Tremain: publish less. * Bill Drummond on Belfast. * Antique typewriters. * Urban explorers. * The disgrace of British universities. * What makes a bad book bad?. * Carol Ann Duffy‘s poem for Beckham. * Publishing the unpublishable. * Umbrella Factory. * Fiction: short is sweet. * Earthquakes: authenticity and reproduction. * Six simple tips for writing a literary manifesto. * A homage to American Psycho. * The Orange Prize longlist. * The future of publishing (video). * iPad: UK publishers sceptical. * Kim Fowley: stupidity is an art form. * The Runaways‘ fashion legacy. More here.

First posted: Sunday, March 21st, 2010.

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