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The Missing Links


The Blank Generation documentary. * The New Yorker‘s Little Review blog. * Paul Morley meets up with Jerry Dammers. * A new light on Virginia Woolf. * Launch of the Rabbit Press on 6 April. * Historic sex toys sold at auction. * The Serpentine Gallery pavillions, plus a piece on Jean Nouvel. * Welcome to Corium Magazine. * A tribute to Jim Marshall. More here. * An interview with Ray Gange of Rude Boy fame. * Hotel Coover. * Nick Kent reviewed. * Life on Mars. * Judge an old book by its odour. * Hedgehogs. * Vintage girdle commercial. * Paul Weller in pictures. Interview here. * The Point magazine on the novels of Michel Houellebecq (via). * The defining French books of the past 30 years? * Paris Book Fair opens amid crisis. * Polaroid is back. * Lit Prof Idol. * Michael Chabon on becoming a father. * A quarter of 8 to 12 year olds on social networking sites. * The dark heart of modern fairytales. * The Clock Without a Face. * On Choose Your Own Adventures. * Introducing the Twitsbury Set. * Hilobrow on Gregory Corso (read 3:AM on Corso’s Gasoline). * Oscar Wilde‘s Picture of Dorian Gray is Dublin’s One City, One Book. * The Haunted Lamp, the eerie, the sublime & the little bit queer. * Top 10 men writing as women. * The Guardian‘s cold wave special. * Chrome. * Car crash leaves woman turned on for sex 24 hours a day. * Who wrote Shakespeare? * Howard Devoto for ever. * The language of invisible worlds. * Patti Smith interview. John Robb on Patti Smith. * The mystery of car parks. * Shaun Ryder interviewed. * John Dickson Carr. * A review of Sam Lipsyte‘s The Ask. There’s an interview with the author here. * Jeff Kinney of Wimpy Kid fame. Also: Alice vs Wimpy Kid. * An extract from Blake Butler‘s new novel. * On Nigel Kneale. * On the Red Riding trilogy. * Twin Peaks celebrates its 20th anniversary. * On Zachary German. * Crap Parisian metro protest posters. * Childhood fantasies revisited. * Alain de Botton on work. * Trailer for Sylvain Chomet‘s The Illusionist. * Toffs vs Toughs. * AN Wilson on the Gospel According to Matthew. * Carnaby Street book and exhibition. * Win a cameo in a new book. * Building made out of books. * Weird book videos. * Rare footage of Scott Fitzgerald. * Stan Brakhage interview. The Brakhage Lectures. * Cary Grant on acid. * Must-see movies for aspiring punkettes. * Eastenders musical? * Geoff Dyer cracks a joke; JM Coetzee doesn’t laugh! * Words invented by authors. * The history of the city. * Top 20 political songs. * Should you self-publish? * Literary Photoshop. * Texts without contexts. * Babybird video, directed by Johnny Depp, based on Ambrose Bierce story. * Janet Malcolm on why she can’t write her autobiography.

First posted: Sunday, March 28th, 2010.

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