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The Missing Links


The Library of Potential Literature. * The arresting opening scene of Tamara Drewe. * A draft of Lee Rourke‘s The Canal. * Jon Savage on The Secret Public exhibition. * Creative people are incestuous. * The best (and worst) book trailers of the year. * Jack Kerouac reading from On the Road (via). * The not so brutal contents of Adelle Stripe‘s fridge. * Gay bikers from the 60s and 70s. * A week in the life of Brian Eno. * Why are British women’s breasts getting bigger? * 10 directors to follow on Twitter. * Translating Bolaño. * Is retweeting a form of plagiarism? * A bilingual journal devoted to Beckett. * 8 versions of Kurt SchwittersUrsonate. * Secret LSD tests. * Dear Diary exhibition (via). * The Ian Curtis tour and exhibition. Also: James Hopkins on his teenage obsession with Joy Division. * BS Johnson shorts. * Women of the punk era. * The Sex Pistols meet the Muppets. * The return of the Wombles. More here. * The Bay City Rollers are back too. * Concrete and Glass. * London in the Raw trailer (1964). * All your cash is mud lost (Ben Myers). * New literary magazines. * New platforms for literary journals. * Punk leather jackets. * Online journalism entrepreneurs. * The Hunting of the Snark. * Hot guys reading books. * Bring back tea rooms! * How do you listen to short stories? * New issue of Triple Canopy. * The People’s Manifesto. * No UK indie literary scene? (What have we been doing for the past 10 years?) * Tortured artists. * David Hockney paints on iPad. * A microhistorian in Paris. * Gen X has a midlife crisis. * Black punk bands. * The joy of unread books. * Eddie Argos speaks. * A Moleskine cover blog. * The playlists to Bret Easton Ellis‘s novels. * The International Dada Archive. * David Shields (Reality Hunger) interviewed. * Tintin fans cry foul. * Chuck Palahniuk “gets campy”. * An interview with David Mitchell. * The Brontë Sisters power dolls. * Montaigne, philosopher of life. * Foals interviewed. * Joe Strummer and Robert Fripp in conversation (1981). * Alain de Botton‘s modernist holiday homes.

First posted: Tuesday, May 18th, 2010.

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