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The Missing Links


“People still want naturalism, but naturalism is about credibility and credibility is not where we live right now. The tools that writers use to give their novels credibility and gravity are no longer employed in our culture. Things do not need to be connected the way they once were in the novel.” DBC Pierre. * Dennis Cooper celebrates Tony O’Neill‘s Sick City. * Bob Dylan, the Beat Generation & Allen Ginsberg’s America (via) * Why are American writers so good at coming-of-age novels? * Norman Mailer & Gore Vidal feud on the Dick Cavett Show. * Brutalism & Ballard. * Cent mille milliards de poèmes, randomly generated Raymond Queneau sonnets (via). * Towards an Infinitesimal Novel, Laurrent Demoulin interviews Jean-Philippe Toussaint. * Burying Molière (& reburying him) * The Resurrectionists, a shadowy group devoted to finding the poetry hidden in the works of the most prosaic authors (via) * Derrida & literarity (via) * “The downside of affordable technology is mediocrity.” Wisdom from Don Letts. * Serge Gainsbourg & the soul of modern France. * Inspired by Scott Pilgrim, the 50 best fictional bands. * Hypercomics exhibition, the shapes of comics to come. * Tao Lin Will Have the Scallops. * Flannery O’Connor & her peacocks & other literary pets. * Literary Minded interview Bret Easton Ellis. * Viewer as voyeur, a short history of perfectly dirty art. * On Graphic Sexual Horror.

First posted: Monday, August 23rd, 2010.

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