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The Missing Links


“At a certain point, I realized I could shape events from my own life into narratives, using a protagonist rather like me but not exactly me. I do enjoy using that sort of “found” material rather than inventing it.” The Rumpus interview Lydia Davis. * “If you write truthfully about human life you don’t have to strive for contemporary relevance.” David Mitchell. * “I have no idea how Imperial Bedrooms falls into the body of my work.” Bret Easton Ellis. * Lengthy profile of James Ellroy. * Jonathan Lethem‘s imagined Metropolis. * 10 stories of suburban ennui. * Allen Ginsberg sings William Blake‘s The Laughing Song with Don Cherry [MP3] (via) * On Nabokov‘s short stories. * Brain Candy, on Penguin‘s Great Ideas series (via) * Kurt Vonnegut memorial library to open in Indianapolis. * The Ballad of David Markson: A Primer. * Visual Editions, “literary fiction & non-fiction books that are as visually breathtaking.” * The Marienbad Palace, exhibition inspired by J.G. Ballard‘s ‘The Enormous Space’. * Julian Schnabel ‘s polaroids (via) * A chronological look at 13 classic comic heroines. * 10 musicians who would probably write good books. * Kristin Hersh talks Rat Girl. * 4AD celebrates 30th anniversary. * The golden age of Max’s Kansas City. * Sean O’Hagan on the art of punk. * Roger Ebert‘s 100 Great Moments in the Movies (via) * Death to Humans! Visions of the apocalypse in movies & literature (via) * Guillermo Del Toro to produce Jovanka Vuckovic‘s The Captured Bird. * 3:AM‘s Alan Kelly interviews Suzi Lorraine. * No Horse Town.

First posted: Sunday, August 29th, 2010.

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