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The Missing Links


Ben Myers interviewed in the Guardian. * An anthology of conceptual writing. * Larry Clark‘s X-rated Parisian exhibition (see picture: Untitled, 1972). * Georg Trakl. * Remember Chainsaw fanzine? (I still have a copy of this issue.) * The world’s smallest stop-motion animation movie. * Gerry Feehily: “The one true measure for economic growth is an increase in civilisation.” * The politics of storytelling. * James Bridle on E-books, Google, and “The Long Prose Curse” * Carl Barât in the Observer. * Philip K. Dick documentary. * More reviews of Josipovici’s What Ever Happened to Modernism? * A history of MI6. * The real James Bond was Dutch! * Taking another look at James Kelman. * Zadie Smith becomes new books columnist over at Harper’s Magazine. * Does great music inspire great art? * Simon Reynolds‘s Totally Wired gets US release. * Andy Warhol directs The Cars. * Alan McGee on Creation Records. * Litmus. * Cities and comic books. * Journalism Barbie. * Did Milton write a bawdy poem? * Lydia Davis on translation. * Portraits of Prohibition-era decadence. * Roberto Bolaño‘s Antwerp reviewed. * Russia’s blogging revolution. * Anti-Matters. * Against promotional author photos. * The creepiest authors of kids’ books. * Mick Jones would like to help save the legendary 100 Club. * Bowie and Burroughs interview each other (Rolling Stone, 1974). * William S Burroughs: A Man Within. * Adam Curtis‘s “emotional history” of Britain since 1970. * The Bit-52’s playing “Rock Lobster”. * Jools Holland does Jamaica. * Auto-fiction. * Stephen Fry‘s letter to his 16-year-old self: “You poor dear, dear thing. Look at you weltering in your misery. The extraordinary truth is that you want to stay there. Unlike so many of the young, you do not yearn for adulthood, pubs and car keys. You want to stay where you are, in the Republic of Pubescence, where feeling has primacy and pain is beautiful. And you know what … ? I think you are right”.

First posted: Sunday, September 26th, 2010.

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