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The Missing Links


…and what will be left of them? * Thomas Edison and Henry Ford go camping (via). * Mark E. Smith’s guide to writing. * Tom McCarthy: bad on moths, bad on the causes of moths! * Is Tom McCarthy a modernist writer? * Tom McCarthy in conversation with Michael Silverblatt. * Art-school novelists. * The INS Shanghai Declaration on Inauthenticity. * An unpublished story by Anthony Burgess. * Tao Lin, says the LRB, “has been included in a loose collection of writers one critic has called the ‘Offbeat Generation’. * Experimental Women in Flux (at MomA) curated by Sheelagh Bevan (Richard Hell‘s wife). * 42 albums by Television / Richard Hell. * 13 most beautiful songs for Warhol’s Screen Tests. * Cars video directed by Warhol. * This body will become a corpse. * Great new issue of failbetter, including an interview with Ben Greenman. * Plugged-in literature. * Britain’s new quality daily. * Top 10 drunk American writers. * The ten commandments of punk guitar. * 20 essential postmodern novels. * Favourite fonts. * Great early David Bowie pictures. * Tony O’Neill‘s Sick City makes a cameo in this video. * Ellis Sharp goes for a walk with Cathi Unsworth. * Larry Clark in Paris. See pictures from the exhibition here. * Nouvelle vague. * Bilingualism is good for the brain. * La comptabilité vue par les romanciers. * John King on Mario Vargas Llosa. * Jonathan Franzen‘s favourite books. * William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg and Conrad Rooks (movie). * A silent charity single. More here. * Still Searching for the Young Soul Rebels. * More Mad Men. * What happened to essential books? * This is not a blog post. * Alasdair Gray on his artwork. * T-shirts of vintage book covers. * Zoe Howe‘s tribute to Ari Up. * The Slits at the Vortex (1977). * A review of Owen Hatherley‘s Guide to the New Ruins of Great Britain. More from Hatherley here. * A handwriting font-creator. * “With you I can imagine a place where to be phosphate of calcium is enough”John Berger. * Mark Fisher on the Great Bullingdon Club Swindle. * Jim Carroll reading from The Basketball Diaries. * Martin Amis on Philip Larkin’s women. * Niven Govinden video. * Bookslut 100 bash. * Stiv Bators in 1983 (video). * Apollinaire MP3s. * More on the Turkish Apollinaire ban. * Steve Aylett will be reading at Edinburgh’s Roxy Art House on 29 October. * Ben Myers‘s Richard reviewed. * To the Online Leonard Bast: thanks for the mention!

First posted: Tuesday, October 26th, 2010.

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