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The Missing Links


Screamadelica revisited. * Dead Sea Scrolls digitised. * Félix Fénéon illustrated. * Little black books. * National Novel Writing begins. Has anything good ever come out of this? * David Mitchell on the writing process. * Sarah Churchwell on Mark Twain. * Men will merge with machines. * Interactive Quixote. * Mick Farren to relocate to Brighton from LA. * Viv Albertine and Zoe Howe on the late Ari Up. * Amy Rigby on Ari Up. * Download The Slits’ lost album (via). * Malcolm McLaren‘s Paris: Capital of the XXIst Century. * French theory today. * Dresses made of chocolate at the Salon du Chocolat. * DMs at 50. (Visit the gallery.) * The Avengers at 50 (see picture). * What 10 classic books were almost called. * Writers’ desk spaces. * Literary tattoos. * Ned Beauman interviewed in The Guardian. * The British Legion’s visit to Hitler. * Nietzsche’s death mask (via). * Lady Di‘s notes on Shakespeare (from 1977). * Kevin Cummins’s Joy Division book: “Equally absorbing is an unexpected, pitch-perfect foreword by Jay McInerney, who talks about blasting Closer while he wrote Bright Lights, Big City. * Mr Mad Men. * The original Mad Man. * The Feelies to release new album (the first since 1991). * Steve Almond gets political. * Bryan Ferry on Roxy Music: “I used to love reading science fiction – JG Ballard was one of my favourite authors — so there was a futuristic element. We had synthesizers and were treating sounds to make them different from things you’d heard before”. * Alberto Manguel‘s “The Muse of Impossibility”. * Gorgeous Gemma Arterton. * The Brune Blonde exhibition at La Cinémathèque française. * Tony Wilson‘s headstone. * Virginia Woolf‘s “A Haunted House”. * The hilarious Stephen Fry controversy that’s getting some journalists’ knickers in a twist. * A review of Geoff Dyer‘s Working the Room: “Geoff Dyer has long been the most productive of slackers. He measures out his decades in generous essay collections, like this one, and in between times writes his languid, elegant, brilliantly conversational novels and books – a dozen at the last count – that tend to insist that his principal subject is lassitude, procrastination, self-doubt, even while materially proving the opposite. He gives genuine deadline-dodgers and excuse-inventors, with unwritten and never-to-be-written books piling up around them, a bad name”.

First posted: Sunday, October 31st, 2010.

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