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The Missing Links


The only art is to omit“. * Antimatter captured for the first time. * The lost history of Californian punk. * Punk documentary. * The Ramones in rehearsal, 1975 (video). * Sid and Nancy crotchet dolls. * World premiere of Glenn Branca‘s 15th symphony. * John Cage‘s Sonatas and Interludes (1946-48). * A blog devoted to Weimar art (via Darran Anderson). * The virtues of writing slowly. * Good Morning, Mr Orwell. * One-time 3:AM editor Charles Shaw in the Guardian. * Sacred language. * How the King James Bible shaped English. * The LRB on the Wu Ming Foundation. * Michael Holroyd on the Violet Trefusis affair. * Speaking well in 1962. * Hooked on Mad Men. * Experimental cinema and video art. * Hitchcock‘s The Lodger. * The Significant Objects book, to come out next year, will include Tom McCarthy and Matthew De Abaitua. * A new Lambretta. * Pontin’s summer brochure 1972. * Butlin’s memories. * An interview with Elisabeth Beresford, creator of the Wombles. * On walking. * The expat literary scene in Paris. * A radio station for French expats in London. * Anton Corbijn interviewed. * Rudimentary Peni‘s “Radio Schizo”. * Sex and literature. * Bad Sex award. * Tessa Hughes-Freeland‘s Baby Doll (1982). * A retrospective of Mick Rock‘s photographs. * The new issue of the wonderful Nude magazine is out. * Tony D, editor of the best punk fanzine ever. * The middlebrow literature of Ian McEwan. * Megan Boyle and Tao Lin go mumblehardcore. More info here. * Wish You Were There: a guide to London circa 1960-66. * On the set of Taxi Driver. * 10 literary magazines we should be reading, apparently. * A new issue (the tenth) of Triple Canopy. * Online literary journals come of age. * Patti Smith lands nonfiction prize at the National Book Awards. * The origins of the Beatles‘ logo. * Brighton Rock trailer. * The Bolaño syllabus. * 35 Actionist films (1957-1995). * The top words of 2010. * The Cribs on Orange Juice. * Old Aldgate photos. * Roland Barthes on Robbe-Grillet. * Julien Gracq and the arbitrariness of fiction. * Destroy All Rational Thought: Burroughs and Gysin in Ireland, 1992. * Adam Ant live in London. * The Andy Warhol Diaries. * The Shadow Scholar. * An interview with the Jesus and Mary Chain‘s Jim Reid. * Nazi UFOs? * Wallace Stevens Week. * Authors on screen. * End times. * An interview with Cosey Fanni Tutti (see pic: detail from the June-July 1977 issue of Fiesta).

First posted: Sunday, November 21st, 2010.

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