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The Missing Links


Paris, home of the avant-garde by Adam Thirlwell: “You can set up Paris anywhere. It’s there wherever the prevailing categories of representation are suspended. Paris is portable”. * Hervé Guibert photographer. * The King’s Road during the summer of 76. * Punk in England (1980 documentary). * A forthcoming Russ Meyer biopic. * A Brian Eno documentary (1989). * Stuart Evers on Perec and memory. * The Heartbreakers. * On rereading Roland Barthes‘s Camera Lucida. * Patti Smith in Andy Warhol‘s Interview magazine, 1973. * The story of the Horses cover photo. * Hanif Kureishi on the Kama Sutra: “Most self-help books these days are either about depression, happiness or creative writing”. * Photos of Ginsberg and friends, 1969-97. * Pirate Tape: A Portrait of William Burroughs, a collaboration between Derek Jarman and Psychic TV from 1982. * Down with art! * The Mekons and Kathy Acker. * In praise of Leigh Bowery. * Julian Barnes on Montmartre’s vineyard: “It is, like many of the best vineyards, on a steep slope; it is, like all vineyards, not much to look at (vineyards are to wine as writers are to their books)”. * Visite à Picasso, a 1950 documentary. * I was at Killing Joke‘s “epic performance” at the Peppermint Lounge mentioned here.

First posted: Sunday, March 27th, 2011.

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