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The Missing Links


Non-time and hauntology. More on Mark ‘K Punk’ Fisher‘s recent NYC talks here. * The rise of faux-vintage photography. * Ira Cohen‘s psychedelic photography. * This is a message from Persons Unknown… * Preston is my Paris. * Las Vegas time-lapse video. * The B-52s live in Atlanta, 1978. * Dennis Cooper celebrates Lynne Tillman. * Can you teach creative writing? * Tim Parks on the Dull New Global Novel. * Nick Lezard on Rilke. * Art and love. * Egon Schiele’s women (gallery here). * Lost gems in the Anthony Burgess archive. * 3:AM Chief Editor Susan Tomaselli‘s great new tumblr. * Fantômas. * Simon Reynolds on boogie. * Get ready for Simon ReynoldsRetromania. * Derek Jarman‘s film for Marianne Faithfull‘s Broken English. * Film directors’ cameos. * Sarah Churchwell: “We all know that language is mutable, that it must either evolve or wither away: there’s no language so pure as a dead one. Babylonian is untroubled by the intrusion of new slang, as it is untroubled by speakers”. * Patti Smith, Richard Hell and Jim Carroll sale. * Chitty Chitty Bang Bang up for auction. * Lars Iyer‘s Spurious reviewed at the Cherwell. * National identity and the internet. * Laconia: 1,200 Tweets on Film. * Saul Bass’s designs for Vertigo. * Thurston Moore‘s video for “Benediction“. * Listen to Thurston Moore‘s new album, Demolished Thoughts. * Why steampunk’s time has come. * Nothing. * Sam Lipsyte interviewed in Wag’s Revue. * Sam Leith’s top 10 alternative realities. * Adam Ant to buy Ringo Starr‘s birthplace. * Adam Ant live review. * Nihilism in fantasy. * Pulp, No Sleep Till Sheffield, 1995. * Writers at their typewriters. * The world’s most inspiring bookshops. * Continental Realism by Paul Ennis. * Fukuyama reviewed. * The life and art of the Velvet Underground‘s first drummer. * A review of Vila-Matas‘s Never Any End to Paris. * Iain Sinclair’s London. * Michel Foucault, “Of Other Spaces,” 1967. * Binge thinking. * On rediscovering The Fall. * Flamin’ Groovies TV promos. * Morrissey on the monarchy. * The disappearing face of New York. * David Lodge on Nabokov. * Alan McGee interviewed. * William Burroughs publisher faces obscenity charges in Turkey. * Michael Loughrey‘s 3:AM story selected for Most Notable Story of 2010 award. * Before and after: 20 classic pin-ups [see pic].

First posted: Sunday, May 22nd, 2011.

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