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The Missing Links


Simon ReynoldsRetromania reviewed. Read an extract from the book here. (Also, Reynolds on Ariel Pink.) * The influence of unread books. * The Atrocity Exhibition (film, 1970). * Adrian Sherwood interviewed. * On Christie Malry’s Own Double Entry. * Lars Iyer at the Marketplace of Ideas. * The Specials live in Japan, 1980. * The Clockwork Orange controversy, 1972 (with Anthony Burgess). * The films of Stanley Kubrick. * The periodic table of storytelling. * Virginia Woolf‘s Essays (volume 6). * Sid Vicious interviewed by Judy Vermorel, 1977. * A NYRB Classics tumblr. * Allen Ginsberg‘s “celestial snapshots“. * Stickers on the Central Line. * Masturbating to Mary Tyler Moore. * Upside Down: The Creation Records Story. * The Skating Rink reviewed. * The novel is not dead. * Jello Biafra in New Orleans. * Adrienne Rich talks about her influences. * Will Self reviews Jon Ronson’s The Psychopath Test. * Outsider cooking with Luke Haines. * Ready Steady Go!. * Patti Smith on US daytime TV, 1978. * Parisians. * Martin Amis on his father’s English. * Happy birthday Siouxsie Sue. * Geoff Dyer at the Marketplace of Ideas. * Gil Scott-Heron RIP. * The history of the book cover. * Derek Jarman interview. * Peter Saville on his album cover artwork. * The Pylon Appreciation Society. * Bunuel revisited. * Back to the kitchen. * Raves in 90s London. * Nicole Panter. * Marx at the movies by Owen Hatherley. * Freud at the movies. * Naked chess with Marcel Duchamp, 1963 [see pic].

First posted: Monday, May 30th, 2011.

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