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The Missing Links


Amy Winehouse RIP. * Georges Bataille talks about Literature and Evil (video, 1958). * Punk/post-punk graphics 1976-82. * The women of punk. * Marco Pirroni’s boots. * Mark Fisher on communications and late capitalism. * Listen to Mark Fisher’s talk at Virtual Futures here. * Bruce Sterling: “Atemporality for the Creative Artist“. * An excerpt from Retromania in the Los Angeles Times. * Simon Reynolds‘s quest for the Sound of Now. * Simon Reynolds on the latest hauntological sounds. * Geoff Dyer‘s new NYT Books column. * Chris Petit‘s The Unmade Films of JG Ballard, 1990. * Ballard’s terminal documents. * Werner Herzog: “I think there should be holy war against yoga classes. It detours us from real thinking. It’s just this kind of…feeling and floating and meditation and whatever. It’s as tourism in religions. People all of a sudden becoming Buddhist here in Los Angeles”. * David Cronenberg‘s A Dangerous Method (trailer). * Modernist resources. * An interview with Slavoj Žižek. * Liminaire on Philippe Vasset’s exploration of the “white zones” on maps. More here. * An interview with Jean-Luc Godard. * Les Inrocks on Maud Molyneux. * Last Year in Marienbad at 50: “…it must have seemed that the only way of getting actors not to look too much like real people was to get them to look like actors not quite up to scratch, producing the tinny laughs and lame gestures of amateurs”. * Lars Iyer interviewed in Biblioklept. * Lee Rourke reading from The Canal. * When Marilyn Monroe was Norma Jeane. * A Bettie Page gallery. * Elbow to launch own beer. * On literary celebrity. * John Kennedy Toole. * Ian Curtis. * Pictures of Tower Bridge under construction. * Vintage Petticoat Lane. * Vintage pin-up alternatives to American Apparel ads. * Tariq Ali on the spirit of cricket. * Will Self on a “tectonic shift” in the media. * The Go-Go’s. * Hanif Kureishi in The Economist. * Jack Kerouac playing pool. * Steampunk Daleks. * Steampunk anthologies reviewed in the Los Angeles Review of Books. * Anton Perich’s pictures of cultural icons partying in 70s NYC. His films can be viewed here. * John CussansWhitby Weekender (film). * An interview with James Bridle (who designed the latest incarnation of the 3:AM site). * American Polaroids. * Pictures of Hemingway. * A documentary about Alex Trocchi. * Stewart Home on Trocchi. * Carl Barat to play Nero on Paris stage. * An interview with Kathy Acker from 1983. * Why radio is the ideal home for short stories. * How to undress a Victorian lady. * Alan Bennett on libraries in the LRB. * A map of the English school system. * On Salinger‘s first Holden Caulfield stories. * What neuroscience cannot tell us about ourselves. * Granta searching for Best of Young Brazilian Novelists. * A review of Tao Lin and Megan Boyle’s new film, Bebe Zeva. * Anti-Americanisms. * David Foster Wallace will appear as a character in Jeffrey Eugenedis’s next novel. * Joe Dunthorne on Björk. * David Bowie’s Lucian Freud wallpaper. * [Pic: Assia by Dora Maar, 1933.]

First posted: Saturday, July 23rd, 2011.

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