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The Missing Links


Tom Lutz on the future of books. * Posthumously published NY Times interview with Mark Twain. * German Art Nouveau magazine, Jugend. * The three Vs of Bloomsbury. * Dostoyevsky, a 19th Century writer for our times. * Philip K. Dick‘s bible for sale, with holographic notes. * The New Jewish Literature. * Literary friendships. * “Ernest taking me to that bum restaurant” & other references to Hemingway in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s notebooks. * The great Great Gatsby, Robert Fulford on the life & legacy of F. Scott Fitzgerald. * 10 writers who moonlighted as dandies (See also, 3:AM‘s interview with Sebastian Horsley). * The Return of the New Flesh: Body Memory in David Cronenberg & Merleau-Ponty [PDF] * Nick Rombes begins his year-long journey through David Lynch‘s Blue Velvet, shot-by-shot. * Lynd Ward‘s 1939 illustrations for Beowulf. * Who stole Mona Lisa? (See also, Darran Anderson on Apollinaire). * Catch-18? Joseph Heller‘s daughter on choosing the enigmatic number. * Why there are no more Joseph Hellers. * “All great talkers have spoken in the language of Sterne, Swift or the Restoration. Even Oscar Wilde.” Djuna Barnes interviews James Joyce for Vanity Fair (March 1922). * Nicholson Baker on House of Holes. * A copy editor’s style sheet for Nicholson Baker‘s House of Holes. * Alfred Stieglitz’s 291 journal (1915-1916). * The lost art of postcard writing. * When Willa Cather knew Stephen Crane. * “Writing has nothing to do with self-expression.” Tom McCarthy at the Edinburgh Festival. * “Fiction lives by its stories & the poetry by its music, not its messages.” Gerald Locklin. * Jessica Ferri‘s Thomas Bernhard obsession. * Sherlock Holmes banned from reading lists for being anti-Mormon. * On Christopher Isherwood & The Berlin Stories. * McKenzie Wark & Owen Hatherley on the riots. * Former 3:AM-er Susannah Breslin on the world of work at Forbes. * Iain Sinclair interviewed by The Quietus.

First posted: Tuesday, August 16th, 2011.

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