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The Missing Links


R.I.P. Michael Hart & George Kuchar. * The Philosopher’s Arms. * Rothko and the British. * Happy 5th birthday Oneworld Classics. * James Maker‘s Autofellatio is coming soon from BIGfib. * Stephen Crowe continues his Wake in Progress project, illustrating James Joyce‘s Finnegans Wake one page at a time.* ‘iAnna’, Will Self‘s 9/11 story. * Simon Critchley on 9/11. * Ransom Center restricts part of David Foster Wallace archive (via @litteratured). * J.D. Salinger now threatening legal action from beyond the grave (via @thebookslut). * Long interview with John Banville, in which he says he’d like to write a short biography on Samuel Beckett. * Rare recording of Kenneth Williams reading Gogol‘s ‘Diary of a Madman’. * How To Speak Hip, an instructional LP from 1959 (via @ubuweb). * Kraftwerk guest edit Wallpaper magazine (via @johncoulthart). * Hans Henny Jahnn. * A Man Taking Pictures of a Man Taking Pictures, on B.S. Johnson (via @DavidCWinters). * Marquis de Sade, social joker. * Anaïs Nin & Henry Miller (via @darrananderson1). * Ubu’s Almanac, Alfred Jarry & the graphic arts (via Wood S Lot & pictured above).

First posted: Sunday, September 11th, 2011.

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